What Your Eyeglasses Say About Your Personality

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What Your Eyeglasses Say About Your Personality

Your sense of style reflects your personality — and this goes beyond clothing. Accessories can speak volumes about who you are, perhaps none more so than eyeglasses. Perched smack-dab in the middle of your face, glasses act like a gateway to your eyes: the windows of your soul. It’s easy to see how they can act as an extension of your personality.

So, with this in mind, what are your eyeglasses saying about you?

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Round or Oval Glasses

This classic look speaks to serious business. Round or oval eyeglasses are the most traditional shape, and timeless colours like gold or silver really bring home a refined sophistication. Of course, you don’t have to go full-on traditional: you can choose a round or oval shape, with a coloured frame. A soft, metallic pink would emit a subtle edge, whereas a bold yellow, orange or red would showcase a more adventurous look.

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Cat’s Eye

Cat’s eye frames all also a classic choice, but showcase a more cheeky and chic feel. A cat’s eye frame will also give off a creative vibe, so if artistry is part of your personality, then consider a pair of these frames. Try them in classic tortoiseshell, or stark and sexy black or a coloured frame. Again, what colour you select will reflect your personality, with a more timeless choice speaking to a commitment to enduring style, and a more bold colour speaking to your willingness to take risks.

Sport Glasses

Characterised by a lightweight, streamlined and more rectangular frame, sports glasses are made for people on-the-go. They don’t weigh down your face and have robust lenses to withstand impact. They may also have tints to help you perform better under different lighting and in different conditions. Still sleek and stylish, sports frames show you want to perform as amazingly as you look.

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Square Frames

There’s nothing square about square frames. These eyeglasses are bold and as edgy as their shape. While the exact shape of the frame may not be strictly square, this type of eyewear is unapologetically robust and in-your-face. It speaks to a no-nonsense style, and an authoritative presence.

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What Your Eyeglasses Say About Your Personality

One is seldom enough…

If your eyeglasses are featured on your face on a daily basis (and not just when you’re waiting for your replacement contacts), then you will probably want more than one pair. Just like you have dresses for different occasions and functions, any avid wearer of glasses is going to need more than one pair of glasses. For example, a classic pair of oval glasses or the office, and a pair of sports glasses for the gym and a sexy pair of red cat’s eye frames for evenings out.

Don’t let your eyewear limit you. Use these tips to help your glasses express your personality, and enhance your life as well as your vision. If you need some help getting inspired, check out these optical glasses from Bailey Nelson.

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