Want to get into Yoga?

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Want to get into Yoga?

Yoga already has lots of known benefits, like better posture, flexibility,improves your sex  life and physical health, but now we can add one more benefit to the list: increased brain function.

According to new research, practicing Hatha yoga three times a week helps you think more clearly. The study set two groups: one practicing Yoga and the other stretching and toning exercises. Those who practiced hatha yoga three times a week showed major improvement in ability to recall information, mental flexibility, and task switching and the other group showed no significant change in their cognitive abilities. If you anything like me who constantly reads about the benefits of Yoga and just wish there was a way to get into it then welcome to the club. Want to get into Yoga?

Below is a breakdown of the different types of yoga and for those who find it hard to get to classes there is a list of yoga apps and some online free yoga classes.


Hatha yoga requires focused effort in moving through the poses, controlling the body and breathing at a steady rate.  It is possible that this focus is reflected outside the yoga classes, resulting in improved ability to sustain attention. This is excellent for beginners who are a bit wary of the spiritual stuff. However, the advanced classes are quite challenging so check out classes for levels before you go.

Bikram: This style of yoga a set of 26 poses and is practiced in a heated room at about 40 degrees Celsius. What it means is that with the heat you are immediately ready for deep stretching and you’ll probably see quick improvement in your flexibility.


This is a great for intermediate levels since it asks you to hold poses for five breathes while you balance in one arm or foot. It’s pretty intense for beginners.

Vinyasa Flow:

This also is a yoga style that suits those who like to learn fast and have some knowledge of yoga poses, the yoga instructor moves quickly from one pose to the other.


Easy style to start with, it involves a lot of seated postures that focus on hips, pelvic and lower back. Poses are held for a long time to ensure proper technique is used, and to get the most of the stretch. Great for those suffering from joint and muscle strains.

Yoga Apps

It’s advisable that teens avoid Hot Yoga and stick to yoga designed for them.  

All In yoga

Yoga By Teens

Yoga at Home: Learn Beginner Yoga (free)

Yoga 4 Teens

Free Online Yoga Classes – You’ll find them on YouTube


Basic Yoga Workout

Ekhart Yoga

Whether you start yoga because you want to improve your general state of health , improve concentration, your sex life or manage stress, it is obvious that yoga is an awesome practice to get into.


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