Ways to Earn Extra Money for Your Wedding

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Ways to Earn Extra Money for Your Wedding

There’s no denying it: weddings are expensive. Sure, the guests spend some money on gifts and outfits, but the bride and groom-to-be are the ones who have to spend the most. It’s crucial to set a budget for your wedding, and that budget needs to be very realistic. It’s perfectly fine to want to have a glamorous wedding. But you don’t want to start your married life in debt or struggle to pay your bills because you spent so much on that one day. But if your current savings aren’t enough, there are some ways you can earn extra money by the time the big day arrives. Here are some ways to earn money for your wedding

Organize a yard sale

You are starting a new chapter in your life. And moments like these are perfect to get rid of some parts of history. Plan a perfect yard sale where you will get rid of excess things that are only making clutter in your home. Everything you earn goes to the wedding fund. You can even set a challenge, for example, the amount earned becomes the budget for your dress, to motivate yourself. Besides organizing a traditional yard sale, you can also try selling things online. This works especially well for clothes and accessories. If you have some items that are antique or valuable in another way, you can try selling them to collectors or antique shops to get a better price.

Get online

Nowadays, there are so many different jobs you can do without even leaving your home. It’s a perfect way to earn some money on the side. Spending just a couple of hours every afternoon in the period before your wedding. A great way to earn money online is to fill out paid surveys. Many companies hire research teams to collect data about potential buyers, and they will pay good money to get honest and useful information. Seems like a dream come true – getting paid to give your opinion, but it’s completely possible. If you want something that feels more like work. You can try being an online personal assistant, copywriter or accountant, depending on your skills and preferences.

Use the time off

If you are taking some time off work to prepare everything for the wedding, you can use that extra time for things that will earn you money without actively taking up all of your time. Things like babysitting, pet sitting or (ideally) housesitting are great. As long as you can have your laptop with you and you’re able to plan and coordinate things, you will be using your time productively and also earning some extra cash on the side. And if you are planning to spend your time off somewhere away from home, make sure you are renting your house out on Airbnb or another network.

Turn your hobby into profit

Have you always enjoyed painting small prints? Or maybe decorating plain mugs with decoupage? Or maybe you love baking sweets for your friends and family? Time to make it into a profit. If it is something that you love doing, and that you would do regardless of the money, then this is the perfect time to start a small side business. And if you’re more into sharing skills than making something physical, you can consider tutoring. Give piano or singing lessons, teach languages or help children prepare for graduation exams. Consider all the skills you have in your arsenal and see which one will bring you the most joy and profit. If you love the camera and the camera loves you, you can try part-time modelling, or maybe teach a Zumba or yoga class. If you and your spouse-to-be share a love for your city, then you can organize tours for tourists that come and visit, and let them see the place as if they were locals.

With a little bit of planning and effort, you should be able to afford a wedding you’ve been dreaming of. Remember to first set a budget that includes this extra money, and then plan within it. Leave some room around your plan for any unexpected expenses and treats, and remember that on your big day, you won’t be thinking about the quality of the tablecloths and the value of the flowers, but rather the people you are sharing that day with.


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