Wedding Photography around the World

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Wedding Photography around the World

Whether you are tying the knot in Ireland, France, Australia or at some dreamy tropical island in the South Pacific, look for locations with spectacular surroundings and photogenic venues to make your wedding photography stand out. Let’s take a look at wedding photography around the world.

Spoiled for choice

Every destination around the world boasts extraordinary wedding locations and breathtaking photo backdrops. However, sometimes you have to dig deeper and research longer to find the most picturesque spot. Whether you are getting married in a charming venue close to home or prefer to travel to another continent. Think outside the box and look for extraordinary places which will inspire you and your photographer.

Begin your search

Not sure where to start? You can begin by typing “best wedding venues in” into your Google search box. Then add the city or town where you want to host your celebration. It will take hours of browsing and exploring various ceremony and reception venues as well as possible photo shoot locations. You might end up reading endless articles about national parks, historic monuments, lighthouses, old castles and architectural gemstones. Admire images of pretty gardens, sea views, old houses and scenic mountain range. And still, fail to come up with a solution for your big day. If you need good advice, find someone who lives and breathes photography, but also knows the area very well. Local wedding photographers know the best venues, the most beautiful shooting locations and the most appealing historic features or hidden gems you won’t easily find online. An experienced professional can also tell you which month and time of day are the brightest and most colourful. Also, suggest what kind of dress you should wear to outsmart the weather and complement the ambience. Which flowers are in bloom during the wedding season, which colours are fashionable and which ceremony decorations looks chicest through the camera lens.

A gem to consider

Wondering which countries around the world boast the most photographable wedding venues? Ireland is one of the top destinations because of its astonishing castles and dramatic natural landscapes. Its best venues are scattered across the Wicklow Mountains, Cliffs of Moher, Killarney National Park, Donegal Coast and Dublin City. You will have the best photo opportunities on a sunny day during the golden hour. Don’t be disappointed even if it rains, because the grey skies are great for taking photos too! If you catch the moment immediately after the rain when the big, fluffy clouds begin floating away to show off the blue skies and rays of sunlight. You will be spoiled with wonderful backdrops bursting with vibrant contrasts of blue and green. Irish photographers are also some of the most creative and imaginative out there, so finding a wedding photographer to match your taste will not be difficult.

Other choices

Other European destinations that offer jaw-dropping photo opportunities include; the postcard-perfect rural areas of Italy, France, Spain and Portugal, especially during spring and autumn. The Alps covered in snow during winter months and chic coastal towns on the sun-drenched Mediterranean coast during the summer months!

And on the other side of the globe, Australia has awe-inspiring wedding destinations ranging from never-ending immaculate sandy beaches where you will be able to spot only your own footprints to lush tropical rainforests and romantic vineyards. Australian beach sunsets are incredibly vibrant and colourful. Whether you are in the Tropical North Queensland or in South Australia which is much cooler. This is why the last hour of the day is the best time to hold your ceremony and a photo session. So, keep that in mind if you are planning to host a beach wedding there. And if you want a celebration that is even more uniquely Aussie, then host a rustic bush wedding. In a picturesque country setting which is wild, romantic and undeniably beautiful.


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