Women Are Delightfully Beautiful

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Women Are Delightfully Beautiful

Nikita Gill’s poetry is beautifully pertinent in a day like today –International Women’s Day.

It touches the core of many women who lost themselves along the way, whether it was as  a result of people’s attitudes, the ecogeographic circumstance they find themselves in or as a result of a relationship.

All women are amazing creatures who have been undermined for far too long in all areas of life, professional and personal.

In recent years, women around the world have commanded the masses to hear them, to listen to their voice and to respect them for whom they are.

The road of awareness hasn’t been easy but the efforts are showing, and with every generation the path is made easier. Women are finding their feet in a world that has been accustomed to give them ‘deaf ears’.

There are so many reasons to celebrate IWD, for yourself, for the women in your life and for all the women in the world.

This video by The Thought Catalogue, recites Nikita Gill’s poem, it might resonate with you and might also inspire you to be who you are without fear:

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