​ How to Design the Lighting for Your Home and add Luxury

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​ How to Design the Lighting for Your Home and add Luxury

The proper choice of a lighting system in your house can truly make a difference in how it feels. Whether you want your home to shine bright or you prefer a darker, moody atmosphere, you’ll be able to find the lighting system that perfectly fits your taste. Now, the question is, how to find a lighting system that’s both efficient and aesthetically pleasing? Here are some tips that will make designing the lighting for your home a lot easier. How to design the lighting for your home and add luxury.

1. Start from scratch

If you’re in the process of renovating the house or want to add a different lighting system, start by putting all your ideas on paper. Although changes you’re about to make might not be permanent, keep in mind that you’ll be stuck with them for quite a while. That’s why you want the outcome to be perfect.

To achieve an ideal design, you should plan carefully and make sure every bit of lighting goes according to your desired look. Even if you already have a vision, it costs nothing to write it down and go through it one more time. Drawing a lighting system map will provide you with a better understanding of your needs, and lighting professionals will find the sketch helpful, too.

2. Put everything into consideration

Create a lighting system based on your needs. If you have a room without direct sunlight, you’ll have to add more light sources. Not all the rooms in your house require the same variety of lighting, though.

You should add a dimming lighting system in your bedroom and bathroom, and be in charge of the intensity of brightness. Dimming lights are not only practical, but they’re a subtle form of luxury too.

3. Start combining the elements

Now that you know what type of lighting you need and where’s the best place for installation, it’s time to start working on making it work. You probably want the kitchen and dining room to be the most illuminated places in your home. If that’s the case, you should opt for big crystal chandeliers. They’ll be in the centre of attention, so make sure to combine the elements of practicality and richness.

On the other hand, the living room is a place where you can combine various lighting elements. If your goal is to make the room look larger, install hanging lanterns or pendants. They’re aesthetically pleasing, as well as practical.

Adding a subtle light source above the fireplace will enhance the mood, and make sure to add decorative lamps near the sofa, above the shelves and maybe even a couple of candles here and there. It’s essential to position lights at equal distances, though. Arrange the lights based on the activities you perform around the house. Make sure the lights match the design of your home, and you’ll end up with aesthetically pleasing space everyone loves to be in.

4. Find the best electricians

Whether you necessitate to improve your lighting system or want to install a new one, it’s essential to find a good electrician to do the work. It’s important to search for a company with fast and reliable electrical services.

Lots of businesses deal with lighting options, and they’re worth considering. With Sparkys NOW, your interior lighting will be in the hands of qualified experts. They deliver high-quality electrical care, and you’ll never have to worry about the safety of your property, for their service is one of the best around.

5. Chose the right light bulb

You can’t just go to a store and buy the first light bulb you see. There are some things you should establish first. You have to know how bright do you want the space to be, and what atmosphere are you trying to create.

If you want a luxurious vibe, opt for lower colour temperatures, for they’re similar to candlelight. Higher temperatures are colder and are not considered suitable for a luxurious home.

Finding a suitable lighting system for your home is not hard at all. But it is important to approach it carefully if you want your home to look modern and luxurious. There are many options nowadays, and luckily, you can even hire a designer to create the lighting of your choice. Keep in mind that it is a good investment, and no matter what you choose to go for, good lighting will make your life easier.


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