10 Amazing swimming Pools Around the World

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10 amazing swimming pools around the world!

Pools are inviting stretch of water to cool off in a hot day while enjoying a cocktail. Let’s paint this picture in your mind with the 10 amazing swimming pools around the world that just look dreamy and inviting.

There are so many amazing pools arounds the world.  Some sport amazing rooftop views and others take your breath away while you gaze into the infinite like infinity pools do.

Here are the 10 most amazing pools around the world.

Hotel El Ganzo; Los Cabos, Mexico

10 Amazing swimming Pools Around the World

Guests are treated to live music performances every night by this gorgeous rooftop infinity pool while enjoying views to the sea and the desert landscape down the coast.

The Raleigh Hotel; Miami, Florida:

10 amazing swimming pools around the world!

This iconic Hotel has been around since the early 1940’s; it epitomises the Art Deco style Miami is known for, especially seen in  it’s stunning pool that instantly takes you back in time.

Ralph Lauren’s Double RL Ranch Pool; Telluride, Colorado

10 amazing swimming pools around the world!

Ralph Lauren’s ranch is fully functional with cowboys and animals but what is amazing is the freeform pool he installed it is meant to resemble a natural pond to fit in with the ranch theme. The pool reflects the scenic San Juan Mountains that provide a picturesque view for the five teepees as seen in the picture.

Katikies Hotel’s Pool; Santorini, Greece 

Katikies, Santorini Greece

Katikies Hotel, a charming hideaway built along a cliff surface, was deliberately designed to blend into the unique landscape that surrounds it. It’s best feature is magnificent cave pool surrounded by white walls creating a environment of sheer serenity.

Bondi Icebergs Pool; Sydney, Australia 

10 Amazing swimming Pools Around the World

 This breathtaking pool sprung to existence as a result of local lifesavers in 1929 who wanted to keep fit during the winter months. This Olympic sized pool of solid concrete is accessible through the whole year. Beach goers enjoy the pool as a cooler option in summer and might also rip the enjoyments of the two bars, fitness facilities, a gourmet bistro and a sun deck.

Hanging Gardens; Ubud, Bali

10 Amazing swimming Pools Around the World

This well knows famous freeform swimming pool resonates the terraced rice paddies that are such an iconic feature of the Balinese landscape.

The Library; Koh Samui, Thailand 

10 Amazing swimming Pools Around the World

The blood-red effect is the result of the mosaic tiles of orange, yellow and deep red. Which creates this dazzling effect, at first sight a bit perplexing but wins in the dramatic flare.

 Oberoi Udaivilas; Udaipur, India

10 Amazing swimming Pools Around the World

The pool acts as a ditch to the palace so remaining authentic to the times when royal palaces were protected this way and simultaneously acting as a semi-private pool for each room. Therefore making this pool jaw dropping and fit for a king.

Amangiri Resort; Canyon Point, Utah  

The architects responsible for this resort used the environment to their advantage, curving the pool around the rock. The resort’s name “Amangiri” means –peaceful mountain- and it lives up to its name since it is away from everything. Want to have a weekend away from work and the world this is a great place to stay.

San Alfonso del Mar Resort Pool; Algarrobo, Chile

10 amazing swimming pools around the world

For those that like a bit of trivia; San Alfonso del Mar resort holds the record in the Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s largest pool. San Alfonso del Mar is a private resort in west Santiago. With so much space, the pool features several amenities including a climate controlled beach and an outdoors spa. Guests can even take out a kayak or take sailing lessons right in the pool. Aside form its incredible size, the pool is also made of ocean water made possible thanks to a new filtration technology.

Destinations worthwhile if only for their amazing pools.


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