10 Awesome Gift Ideas for Kids

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10 Awesome Gift Ideas for Kids

Sometimes, it’s utterly impossible to think of a gift idea for kids that already have everything under the sun. It can be tempting to resort to cash or gift cards, but these are impersonal and quickly forgotten. If you really want to step it up a level and give a special kid a special gift they won’t forget, check out this list of ten unique gift ideas. 10 awesome gift ideas for kids that are absolutely the best.

1. Membership

For kids who have playrooms chock full of toys, a membership is a unique and clever gift idea that doesn’t take up any space at home. It can be a year’s membership to the zoo, to the local pool, or even to a movie-streaming service like Netflix. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

2. Personalized Item

Kids absolutely love things with their name on it; this is why souvenir shops are bursting with name tags, mugs, license plates, and jewellery that spell out common names. Find a special item with their name engraved on it or even a blanket with pictures of them and friends, and watch them squeal with joy.

3. PJs

There’s simply nothing better than a fresh pair of cozy pyjamas. Kids can be pretty picky about their clothing, so pyjamas that are 100% cotton with a comfort-cut fit are bound to please even the most difficult youngster.

4. Subscription

A great gift option for kids who have everything is a monthly subscription. There’s a subscription for every personality and hobby imaginable, like monthly stickers, kids magazines, fun sock collections, game boxes, and even foodie boxes for mini chefs. They’ll be so excited to get new gifts each month!

5. Storybook

There are tons of online sites that let you make your own storybook for incredibly cheap, and this is a fantastic gift idea for kids. Create a unique story involving them and their friends or family complete with pictures and drawings and they’ll cherish it for years!

6. Ice Cream Maker

This is a super fun gift idea, because what kid doesn’t go crazy for ice cream? Plus, Mom and Dad will love it because they can actually control the ingredients for the ice cream to make it healthier! It’ll be a fun family activity, and they’ll get to experiment with all sorts of flavours.

7. Badminton Set

For active kids, a badminton set is a classic. It’s easily transportable, so it can be brought to picnics, beaches, or just their friend’s backyard and it’s super easy to set up. It’s a great way to encourage kids to spend more time outdoors and less in front of the TV.

8. One Line a Day Memory Book

This journal lets kids write one line a day for five years about something exciting or fun that happened to them. They can flip back through the months and years and relive the memories quickly, unlike a journal. It’s a special gift that kids will simply adore!

9. Smartphone Projector

This clever little gadget projects pictures and videos from smartphones onto a blank wall or screen, letting kids easily show friends and family pictures from trips and excursions. It’s a gadget that’s simple enough for kids to use, but will bring hours of fun.

10. Movie Tickets

This gift idea is often overlooked, but kids absolutely love going to the movies. It’s an exciting afternoon complete with popcorn, candy and the newest Disney flick, but it can get pretty expensive these days. The gift of movie tickets means Mom and Dad have no excuse to say no next time a new movie comes out!

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