The 10 Best Trainers to Get Fit No Matter What Exercise

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The 10 Best Trainers to Get Fit No Matter What Exercise

Whether your goal this year is to start working out, or you’re looking to up the ante on your workouts, wearing the right trainers can be surprisingly important. Not all exercise is the same—you may need different levels of support or comfort depending on your weight-loss goals and your body. Get started on the right foot with these ten best trainers to get fit that take your workout to the next level.


If you’re looking to run at a comfortable, moderate pace (proven to help burn fat), then you’ll want a trainer with a thick sole that supports your arches and cushions your feet. Your feet won’t start screaming at you halfway through your run thanks to the extra cushioning designed to soften the road in the impressively named Mizuno Wave Enigma 6.

Speed Running

To keep your pace fast and your heart rate up, pick a shoe with a thin sole but durable exterior. The closer your feet are to the pavement, the faster you’ll be but you want a durable exterior that will protect you from the elements. The traction control in these Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 will help you stay in control and let your speed take over.

Comfortable Running

For those that have bad knees or sore joints but can’t quite quit the adrenalin high of running, then protect your body with the Nike Lunar Skyelux trainers. The dense foam soles help absorb impact, protecting you from shock and strain so that you can get fit without pain.

Cross Training

Cross training involves agility and performance drills that simulate the explosive movements in sports like hockey, football and soccer. Whether you’re training in the off-season or just working out like a pro, you want shoes with maximum traction so you’re not slipping all over the place. These Under Armour Micro G Sting shoes have solid rubber in high-impact zones to keep you stable, with a lightweight frame that helps you explode off the ground.


Get your groove on in shoes that will help you slip, slide and cha-cha your way across the dance floor. These stylish trainers keep you comfortable and relaxed so you can show off your moves and work up a sweat!

Weight lifting

Get your Olympic-worthy workout in with trainers that support your arches to give you a durable base as you hit your max reps. These Reebok Cross Fit Lifter 2.0 shoes are lightweight but strong, and even include a midfoot support strap to keep your feet snug as you squat, snatch, and lift.


Get your steps in with comfortable shoes that will help you clock mile after mile. These Sketchers Go Walk shoes are half sock, half shoe—they offer a unique feel that is so comfortable and flexible as you walk. They even have a bamboo lining to help fight bacteria and odor, so you can fit in lunchtime walks at work.

Fitness Classes

If you love the united group feeling of fitness classes, then stick with shoes that will help you do it all. Versatile enough for kickboxing to kettle bell classes, these Puma Bio web Elite shoes do it all with a lightweight design and breathable fabric.


Take your workout to the hills with hiking shoes that help you get a solid, outdoor workout in the middle of Mother Nature. Pick a shoe that offers superior traction to help protect you on slippery slopes and dirt paths—these Siren Sport shoes offer unique woman-specific form technology to give you a close fit and intuitive sole.


Indoor cycling can be a kickass workout for your core and booty, but having the right trainer to support your spinning is key. You need a breathable fabric but a firm-enough sole so that you can apply pressure with your feet. The Giro line of cycling shoes are some of the best in the business thanks to their stylish, streamlined design and superior support. Put the pedal to the metal!

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