10 Corporate Party Ideas Your Employees Will Adore

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10 Corporate Party Ideas Your Employees Will Adore

When planned and executed as a business project, corporate party events can become a great hit, even outside your company. However, if you mess things up, then the whole of Australia will be laughing at you on social media. A great corporate party requires a lot of planning and creativity if you want to sweep the employees off their feet. 10 corporate party ideas your employees will adore.

Enter a pub quiz

In 2020, DIY trivia pub quizzes gained in popularity in Australia but in general, any type of quiz is ideal for a corporate event. You can enter a public pub quiz with several teams of staffer or you can rent a space to throw your very own corporate trivia night. After the quiz, the most persistent members of the team can head out on a pub crawl (just make sure this takes place over the weekend).

Book a local band

If you have the privilege of working with tens or hundreds of people, then one of them is bound to know a great local bend. Musicians are always looking for gigs, so why not offer them a chance to play in your firm! If the employees like them, you can hire them for future corporate events. In the meantime, they would learn all the tunes you ask them to, from classical music to trap music.

corporate party food

Make your own food

Restaurants and food delivery service can hardly hide their joy when they get hired for a corporate event. However, instead of hiring catering for the next company party, have the employees make the food themselves.

Yes, a mass cooking class is a great idea for a corporate party. Not only will people have a great time and perhaps meet a famous chef (perhaps Neil Perry is available) but they will leave the party with upgraded culinary skills.

Christmas at sea

Out of all parties thrown annually, the corporate Christmas party is the craftiest one. However, the indoor venue gets boring after a couple of years, so you need to search for innovative locations. A Christmas party Sydney Harbour cruise is a good idea, for example. Such an experience is once in a lifetime, making the employees feel valued and respected. In fact, they might like it so much that the next team building activity takes place on a similar cruiser.

The 90s were a blast

When it comes to attire, corporate parties do away with formal attire and employees can wear shorts if they like. However, you can throw a theme party referring to period back in history and everyone would dress accordingly. You needn’t go back to the stone age as most millennials wishfully remember the 90s, so they would be thrilled to attend a 90s-themed party. From grunge ripped jeans to neon windbreakers, the event promises to be a blast.

A group workout session

Just like you can organize a group cooking class, your staff can exercise together. The event would bring closer workers who regularly hit the gym and those who shy away from lifting weights. Hiring a professional instructor and a fitness influencer will result in a higher turnout. If possible, throw in some aerobics or aqua aerobics and you’ll have a pool party everyone will remember.

Game on!

An ideal supplement to any corporate party is a sporting event. Whether it’s basketball, field hockey, or water sports, people will adore competing against their colleagues and bosses. Of course, you don’t have to go with conventional sports, as life-size Pack-Man or go-carts are just as fun as a soccer game. 

corporate party movie night

Popping popcorn for a movie night

If there’s one leisure activity all employees adore, this is watching movies. Gather all the cinema enthusiasts for a private screening of a blockbuster showing in theatres at the time. If the weather conditions allow it, the screening should be organized outdoors, in front of a large canvas. Have the workers make popcorn before the movie, so everyone can snack while watching romantic, action, or funny scenes.

Hands-on charity work

Throwing a successful corporate party is an indicator that your business is doing rather well. However, not everyone is as lucky, so you can turn a party into a charity event aimed at helping the local community. For instance, in New South Wales alone, the number of homeless people rose by more than a third during the last decade. 

From volunteering at a soup-kitchen to staging a puppet show for orphans, there are many ways your employees can get together to help others, all the while having fun and feeling good about themselves.

Present your nation

Australia is a multicultural country and your rooster hopefully reflects this. A great idea for a corporate party is to have employees from various ethnic backgrounds present their respective cultures and customs. What a fabulous excuse to wear Italian fashion or try German sausages!

A corporate party should be perceived as any other business project, aimed at pleasuring the “clients,” i.e. the employees. From theme parties to a harbour cruise, the list of ideas is never complete, as employees constantly suggest interesting venues. 


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