10 essential things that every hotel room should have

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10 essential things that every hotel room should have

A hotel is more like a home away from home for many travellers. People who spend half their time travelling have certain expectations from hotels. Expecting basics access to technology like free WiFi, good personalised A/C and heating, and running water. Some of these are obvious. Every hotel room should have many power outlets, a Nespresso machine, and free water bottles. Here are 10 essential things that every hotel room should have:

1. Internet 

Guests demand a good level of Internet connection in their hotel room as a part of the hotel stay. Business hotels offer a good level of internet connection and good flexibility. Nowadays free WIFI is expected at any hotel, a necessity just like good food.

2. Cleanliness

This is an absolute must. Hotels must be clean for guests’ comfort. Furthermore, a hotel commitment to cleanliness extends beyond guest-rooms and must be obvious throughout the guest experience. Including clean public areas, amenities bedrooms, corridors, entrance, parking lot and communal bathrooms.

3. Free water bottle

Imagine you wake up in the middle of the night thirsty, it’d be nice to enjoy a free bottle of water without having to fork out an expensive bottle from the mini bar.  Hotels need to start offering guests two free water bottles per day. Not the usual two free bottles and then you buy your own.

4. Lavatory Plumbing

A hotel bathroom can be an oasis or an eyesore. After all, the hotel bathroom is more than a place to freshen up. It’s considered an indicator of how upscale, current and clean a hotel is. This includes plumbing, not much point in having an upscale bathroom where there is no hot water or the water pressure is next to nothing. Frustrating!

5. Nespresso machine

For the coffee lovers having that first coffee in the morning makes all the difference to the start of the day. Enjoy that first cuppa coffee in your room as you go over your emails without having to get dressed and stop somewhere for a decent coffee.

6. Attentive Phone Answering

Every hotel has a policy of answering the call within three rings. But this does not happen in the real sense. It is always a professional agent who is assigned to the property and is required to answer the call of the guests and direct them with anything they need. It does not matter what is the classification of the building, this comes under essential hotel room supplies.

7. Snug Beds

Beds play a big part in a good night’s sleep. It is important that hotels invest in good mattresses. The combination of pillow quality and mattress thickness and clean sheets will ensure hotel guests a chance to get that beauty sleep every time.

8. Lighting

This can be one of the biggest issues. Most hotels do not provide with a good amount of lighting within the rooms of the buildings. The guests should be provided with side lamps otherwise it becomes a problem to see across the board. Good lighting always helps to provide with the feeling of security.

9. Aroma

One of the most important hotel room supplies that leave a good impression on the guests is the smell of the building when they walk in, through the corridors and in the rooms as well. It is the duty of the hotel staffs to provide the guests with clean rooms with good smell and washed carpets and check whether there are any bad odours.

10. Simple and Tasty Food

Finally, there should be an availability of food and drinkables in and around the building and they should also provide service inside the building. They should have permission to serve the guests residing in the hotel rooms.

With the above-mentioned hotel room supplies, you can have a great stay. Nowadays, hotels provide with online booking and check-in and checkout process as well. This advancement in technology is exciting but the hotels should also keep an eye on the entire process. This will leave an impact on the guests.

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