10 Must Know Camping Hacks

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10 Must Know Camping Hacks

Camping is usually referred to as roughing it, and for good reason, since you’ll be leaving behind the modern world of comfort – luxuries of running water and electricity. In exchange for an adventure in the outback where life is at its simplest and less comfortable.

Not many people are keen on roughing it, including me. It’s all too overwhelming to have to learn to fend off from bugs you are usually blissfully unaware in your modern, comfortable housing. Spending a night in hard sleeping surfaces, complicated tent poles, fire-starting challenges and more.

Some people just aren’t cut out to spend nights under the stars.

But roughing it really doesn’t have to be so rough, as long as you know the tricks of how to get by in the woods. Here are 10 must know camping hacks that take the rough out of roughing it, and can make your stay in the great outback much more comfortable and your friends will think you’re a natural in nature.

Destination tips have a short video with 10 Camping Hacks That Take the Rough out of Roughing. It is well worth viewing if you are seriously considering taking up camping but feel a little bit hesitant and hate to rough it. You might feel more confident after watching this video and actually have a great time on your next camping adventure:


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