10 Sex tips that will make sex better

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10 Sex tips that will make sex better

There is a myriad of information out there on how to have better sex but rarely are they substantiated by scientific findings. The 10 tips suggested below have been tested by science and confirmed to do wonders to your sexual experience.Below are 10 sex tips that will make sex better.

1. Warm feet improves orgasms

Scientists in the Netherlands found that wearing socks during sex significantly increases the chance of orgasms. Keep those feet covered up, especially true in women who need to feel safe and relaxed before arousal.

2. Put on your swag lads

According to studies, women find happy guys significantly less sexually attractive than swaggering or brooding men. While men are more attracted to women who smile more.

3. Soak in some sun

Studies have shown that exposure to sunlight can boost your testosterone levels, thus increasing your libido and sex drive. Vitamin D found in the sun boosts testosterone levels.

4. Show your talents in bed

Try using your nose on and around your lady’s clitoris. Apparently, the spongy cartilage of the nose creates a perfect sex toy.

5. Strengthen your Kegles

You heard of them before and now listen in. Both men and women have Pelvic Floor Muscles and you can use Kegel exercises to strengthen them. When you contract them during sex it increases pleasure. Kegel exercises also help improve erection and intensifying orgasms for you and your partner.

6. Kiss more.

Kissing has been shown to improve intimacy in a relationship and even lowers stress and cholesterol.

7. Spicy Food

A study from France found that men who enjoy sspicy food tend to have higher testosterone levels.

8. Sexy and the colour red

According to a study conducted at the University of Rochester found that men perceive women who wear the colour red sexier and more attractive than women wearing other colours.

9. Get ride of headaches with orgasms

In a University of Munster study, researchers have found that orgasms can partially to completely alleviate migraines. Best of all orgasms are free, awesome and now doctor recommended.

10. Want to wow her with your oral?

Go down on her but before first suck on peppermint candy and you’ll ‘wow’ her crazy.


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