10 Steps to Keep Your Petrol Lawnmower Happy 

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10 Steps to Keep Your Petrol Lawnmower Happy

Keeping your lawn and garden in shape has a lot to do with the state of your lawnmower. If you don’t keep your mower running well, it could cost you the cost of a new mower. It doesn’t take much to keep your petrol lawnmower happy. All it takes is a little maintenance and some of your time. If you keep up with it, you can keep your mower in great running shape for years to come. Here are 10 steps to keep your petrol lawnmower happy and your garden looking great.

1. Read the Manual

The first thing you should always do is read the owner’s manual if it’s a new machine. Each mower requires different maintenance. This manual is your guide to caring for your new petrol mower. It will tell you what kind of petrol, oil, air filter, and spark plug to put in it.

10 Steps to Keep Your Petrol Lawnmower Happy 

2. Engine Maintenance

The most important part of lawnmower maintenance is the motor. If your motor doesn’t work, you don’t have a working mower. You should always use the recommended petrol and oil for your specific machine. Using a product that is not meant for your mower can harm the motor.

3. Check the Oil

You will need to check your oil frequently to ensure proper levels. If you see the level is low on the dipstick, top it off. You should always use a funnel to pour the oil into the compartment to avoid spilling.

4. Keep Your Fuel Fresh

Always keep fresh fuel in your mower. Petrol only has a lifespan of 3-months. If you have petrol in your tank for more than 3-months, it could make your mower difficult to start.

Do you need to store fuel, make sure you are placing it in a cool, dark place; if left in the sun for a long duration of time, the gas can could explode. Also, never use metal cans. They can rust on the inside, and the rust may block the carburettor.

5. Inspect Your Mower

Mower inspections are another key part of keeping your machine running in tip-top shape. If you need to get under your mower to check the blades, always make sure you point the spark plugs in the air and never tip it on its side.

6. Clean the Plugs

The spark plugs are what ignites the air and fuel mixture to start the mower. It is essentially a tiny explosion that gives your engine power. If your spark plugs are fried or have somehow been compromised, they won’t give the spark needed to start the mower.

Every so often, you can remove them and give them a good cleaning. You can do this with some brake cleaner and a cloth to remove any residue that may be on it. If your spark plug is completely ruined, you can purchase a new one for just a few dollars depending on your mower’s model.

7. Change or Clean the Air Filter

The air filter is responsible for catching dust and debris that may make its way into the mower. If your mower has a sponge filter, it can be easily cleaned just by rinsing it out. If it has a paper filter, it has to be replaced each time it’s too dirty.

8.Clean Under the Mower

Cleaning under the mower is just as important as cleaning inside the mower. You may not realize it, but grass clippings can get lodged between the blades. It can clump up, and the mower will shut off. This is especially true if the grass is wet.

Every so often, you should clean your mower. Do that by first removing the air filter element and then tip the mower, so the spark plugs are up. Always drain the fuel before tipping it over to avoid spilling. Use a wire brush to scrub under the mower blades and anything that looks dirty. Always clean out the grass box as well. A clogged grass box can lead to blocked airflow.

Note: Never do this while the motor or mower is hot.

9. Tighten Loose Bolts

Loose nuts and bolts can cause a big problem. Always check the bolts that hold your wheels on. If your wheels aren’t tight, it may create more work for you. So always make sure the nuts are tight. However, if the wobbling tires are more than just a wobble, it could mean a problem with the axle nut. These can be replaced or adjusted.

Also, unstable wheels will compromise the final design in your lawn. It can make the lines look uneven, which some may find unattractive.

10. Check the Cord

If you’re working with a push mower, always check the pull-start cord. If you’re mowing your yard a lot, the cord can wear out. It’s not uncommon for the cords to wear out and even snap. You should replace it if you see the cord is starting to lose its tension or if you notice any fraying. If you go to tug on it hard one day and it snaps, you could injure yourself.

10 Steps to Keep Your Petrol Lawnmower Happy 

When replacing the cord, remove the housing and the old cord. You then wrap the cord around the pulley just a few times but do not spin the pulley. Test it out and see how it feels

Keeping up on maintenance is the key to keeping your petrol lawnmower happy. All it takes is maybe an hour of your time to thoroughly inspect your mower. However, if you are using a ride-on mower, the maintenance may be more difficult as all of the parts aren’t quite as accessible. Some belts may need to be changed, and they are much heavier.

Make sure your mower is cooled off before trying to do the maintenance and always drain the fuel if you are tipping it on its side. This will prevent damage to your lawn and damage to your clothing or skin. With that said, happy mowing!

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