10 Style epiphanies every man goes through

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10 Style epiphanies every man goes through

Nobody was born knowing it all, the road we call life will teach us numerous lessons that will help shape us into who we want to be. Life will throw at us information that we absorb, sometimes without even noticing, but that will serve us well.

Some information will be practical – don’t touch a light bulb straight after your switch the light off, don’t place your hand on a hot plate after finishing cooking – and other more abstract lessons that will help you unlock answers to philosophical questions.

And then we have lessons we learn about dressing well. How is it that some of us have elevated themselves to the art and secrets of dressing well? Epiphanies, that’s how. Even the most style savvy guys had to go through these 10 style epiphanies, every man goes through them sooner or later if they want to dress well.



1. If it is cheap, it is not better in comparison:

Why is that you go out and choose an Armani outfit rather than opting for some random label that is way cheaper (not inexpensive) from the other? The probable answers would be- you have more faith on the former than the latter in terms of fabric, comfort, durability and the feeling of satisfaction.

You need to discard the cheaper pieces and invest in quality ones rather than regretting it later. Go for pieces that you believe in and do not experiment with low-quality clothing articles or accessories.

2. Not everything looks good on you:

There are very few men who actually understand what looks good on them and what doesn’t. The majority, however, will grab anything that comes their way and not consider suitability. Advertisements play a very important role in this area and that’s exactly why everyone wants everything and believes that it’ll look appealing on them. However, it doesn’t happen that way!

Whether it is the different types of trousers, jackets, shoes or even your men’s underwear, every clothing article is not meant for you. What you need to figure out here is your body type and the apparel styles that complement your physique.

3. What looks good on others might not look good on you:

In continuation to the above epiphany, there some men who even think that if a certain pair of clothing looks good on someone else, it’ll look equally appealing on them as well. However, it doesn’t work that way. Know your style, size and age to avoid looking odd. Choose your style that compliments your body and age.

4. Every article need not be spot on stylish:

You probably might the most personality among your colleagues or friends but it is not essential that all your clothes are spot-on stylish. It is okay to be average sometimes and look common. You might have a spectacular collection of suits and blazers but if your casuals are not the best, you needn’t worry a lot.

5. Suits are not always the ideal option:

You are a professional personality and it is understood! However, is it essentially important to always wear suits for all your workaholic activities? The answer is no, it is not the ideal option all the time. You can look for other choices like a crisp shirt with Chinos and complement it a waistcoat. Likewise, there are other options which can be altered according to your occasion.

6. Being simple is the key sometimes:

This might come across as a granny’s tale or something that you’ve heard ever since you’ve grown up. Well, if you heard it an ample number of times, there has to be some weight-age in that. Yes! Being simple with a gentleman’s dressing sense is probably the best sometimes. A jeans and t-shirt with classy loafers and the right accessories are all it needs to look simple and feel comfortable.

7. Keep your hairstyle less complicated:

There are so many men’s hairstyles that have emerged in the last few years. However, not every hairstyle is worth experimenting with. After all, once ruined, you can’t grow back your hair in a fortnight. Can you? So, it is always better to be on the simpler side with your hairstyles unless you’re quitting your job and planning to join a hippie group or a rock band.

8. Don’t leave your underneath abandoned:

You might not realise it until it’s late but your underneath fashion counts as much as your outfits do. When your shirt or trouser is responsible for how you look on the outside, the underwear for men is what makes you feel absolutely stunning and comfortable on the inside. Hence, whatever you choose- from the boxers to the male thongs or boxer briefs, choose them well.

9. Shoes are the mirror to your personality:

You might have an idea of how important the selection of shoes is for your personality (in fact for all the men). Be careful of what you choose with the outfits and make your personality shine with the same. Brush it, polish it and keep them looking like a mirror to your personality.

10. Keep it fitted:

It was long ago when ill fitted suits and pants were actual in thing. Now the times have changed and so has the basic idea of dressing. Now, if it doesn’t fit your body, it doesn’t fit your personality at all.

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