10 Technology Free Destinations Around The World

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10 Technology Free Destinations Around The World

Do you cradle your iPad and take you smartphone to the toilet? Many of us spend countless hours a day attached to us and it doesn’t stop when we go on holidays.

To counteract such infectious behaviour, we uncovered 10 technology free destinations around the world. They all offer its surrounding beauty but no connectivity. There is no chance you can connect to the web, or pick up your phone. The infrastructure in these places do not allow for the modern world as we know to work, they are far too remote. Simply, breathtaking and beautiful almost taking you back to days that are no more. Be ready to be flabbergasted and you will be tempted to travel to these beautiful places on your next holidays.

1. Igaliku, Greenland

Igaliku, Greenland

If it is indeed the remoteness that you are looking for, then a visit to one of the world’s least populated lands is where you should be heading. Igaliku is a tiny, isolated settlement and relatively easy to get to with no modern electric distractions giving any visitor all the time to wonder old Norse ruins, and look out into the fjord.

2. Son Kul, Kyrgyzstan

Son Kul, Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is potentially one of the most beautiful countries on Earth, with vast steppe, the rush of rivers and high altitudes. It possesses a mighty range known as ‘Mountain of Heaven’. The families that provide home stays in yurts (type of tents) do not have Wi-Fi. To get phone reception, they climb a nearby hill, bonus you’ll be looking after your fitness too on your stay here.

3. Salmon fishing in Norway

Salmon fishing in Norway

If you enjoy fishing this would be a perfect destination, as you can’t check your phone when you are up to your waist in water, being connected is the last thing in your mind. All you do is relax and enjoy the life of the riverbank. There is a simple lodge, whose named ‘audr’ for ‘deserted’ that should be enough warning where you are heading.

4. El Chalten, Patagonia

El Chalten, Patagonia

This town is wild and windy and you can look at the startling peaks of the Los Glacieres National Park. Children here still play with tyres and rusting pick-up trucks, and where power cuts are a regular occurrence. Leave any ideas to tweet, Instagram or Facebook the experience. Can do that once you are back from your holiday.

5. Wales

Wales thatched houses

None of the charity’s historical houses available to rent has a radio, TV, computer or WI-Fi – get the picture?  Paxton’s Tower Lodge Wales is a 19th-century cottage near the Gower Peninsula that was built for the caretaker of Paxton’s Tower, on the hill behind. Ideal situation for curling up with a good book which will have you forget about not being connected.

6. North Korea

North Korea

Here will be enough displays of patriotism, tours of national landmarks and statues of their leader, as well as excursions to wild landscapes, which will keep you away from your smartphone,  iPads or tablets. Most hotels here have no means of getting access to the Internet. Don’t bother unpacking all your electronics and focus on enjoying this country.

7. Komodo National Park, Indonesia

You will get lost in the hues of blue and green swerve as you visit the 26 islands that make up the Komodo National Park in Indonesia. There is amazing diving, beaches white and pink, and the lizards the world’s largest. Only accessible by boat, these places have no Wi-Fi and no phone reception either. You will be busy traveling by boat to and from the many islands and enjoying all the water activities, believe me you won’t even miss technology.

8. El Mirador temple complex, Guatemala

El Mirador temple complex, Guatemala

El Mirador is near the Mexican boarder in Guatemala deep in the jungle. It’s unreachable by road, accessible only for the bravest of trekkers who sleep in hammocks on the two-day trip. As expected it’s not worth burden yourself with the extra weight of your smartphones or iPads. It’ll make for an adventure you will never forget.

9. Baden-Baden, Germany

Baden-Baden, Germany

Villa Stéphanie in Germany may look like something of a decadent palace, but the treatments at this spa are not for the feeble. The personal training sessions are called ‘draining’. The rooms have copper plates in the walls covered in special paint that blocks Wi-Fi, phone signal at the touch of a button. Guests here can combine physical detox with a mental break too.

10. Indian Pacific train, Australia

Indian Pacific train, Australia

A trip in the Indian Pacific train, which piles a route across southern Australia is a great adventure and unique manner of holidaying. It’s the longest straight ride in the railway world and it runs through Nullarbore Plain. The Nullabore is so remote that even the smartest of smart phones will have  no signal.”


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