10 Ways to Take Better Care of Your Feet

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10 Ways to Take Better Care of Your Feet

Although we take care of face and body care, we sometimes neglect foot care. The feet are frequently covered with socks and shoes, so we don’t even notice what condition they are in. As soon as summer comes, we recognize the most common problems that have occurred during the winter, and then we think about how to repair the damage. Foot care should be adequate throughout the year.

Feet remain our faithful companions, and studies show that we walk up to 5,000 steps a day! We stand on our feet while waiting in line or while working, not even thinking about what pain or pressure they are suffering. Our valuable rate deserves a little more attention and care!

1. Examine your feet

If you bear any wounds or cuts on your feet, you must repair them in time. If you suffer an injury, see a doctor. When it comes to minor cuts, it is advisable to clean your feet in warm water, wash them with soap and examine them in detail. If for some reason you cannot do it yourself, ask a family member to help you.

2. Take care of your nails

Nails can tell you a lot about health, and taking care of them is necessary. The first thing you require to do is remove the nail polish with acetone, to see if the natural colour of the nails is in good condition. Experts advise that it is excellent to rest from nail polish for a while, in order to harden and become less brittle. If you have had gel on your nails for a long time, take a break for a few months, so that your nails completely recover and grow healthy.

3. Prepare a foot bath

Foot baths can help you relax in the evening. If you have worked hard or if you have stood for a long time, a bath will be beneficial. Soak your feet in a little water and rest for 15 minutes while reading a book or watching TV. You can include a few drops of essential oil in the water. When you take a foot bath regularly, it will become softer, and the pain created during the day will simply disappear.

4. Use a file for dry skin on the heels

If you have blisters on your feet or you have hard skin on your heels, after the bath, gently file rough parts of the skin. Do not be aggressive, as excessive rubbing of the skin can lead to tenderness, pain and irritation. If you bleed the skin, an infection can occur, so you have to be careful.

5. Use foot cream daily

You will find many foot creams on the market, and their goal is to eliminate certain problems or hydrate the skin. If you have a problem such as infections or fungus, use medical creams that will alleviate and solve the problem. When the skin on your feet is completely healthy, you can apply a moisturizer after showering.

6. If you feel pain in your feet, go for an examination

After an injury or after encountering certain diseases, the feet can be injured. Pain in the feet can be very uncomfortable and make it impossible to walk properly. Whether the pain prevents you from working, exercising or standing, it is important to react as soon as possible. Fairfield podiatry will help you straighten your feet and keep walking at a safe pace.

7. Schedule a foot massage

Some zones on the feet are connected to the organs. Reflexology can contribute to the better health of the organism, and it will also have a relaxing effect. When certain points on the feet are stimulated, blockades in the body can be removed, which prevent the normal functioning of the organism. Foot massage is recommended for everyone, especially for people who have problems with certain diseases.

8. Paraffin wax treatment

Paraffin wax treatment is extremely effective when you have rough skin on your feet. After this treatment, your skin will be smooth and tender. You can also buy a bath with paraffin wax and do the treatment within your home.

9. Choose quality shoes and socks

Shoes in which we walk or work for a long-time can be a breeding ground for bacteria. It is advisable to regularly ventilate, clean and maintain them properly. If your feet are sweating, it is wise to provide a spare pair of shoes with you. Shoes should be made of quality materials; so that the foot can breathe. As for socks, wash them regularly and select natural materials. When you return from work, wash them and do not use them before washing.

10. Do not neglect itching and sweating of the feet

The feet can sweat and itch, and then it is typically the appearance of fungi that cause an unpleasant foot odour. The fungus is easily transmitted, so it is advisable to go to the doctor to get adequate therapy.

These tips will definitely help you gain healthy and beautiful feet!


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