100 Years Of Halloween Costumes

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100 Years Of Halloween Costumes

Halloween is around the corner. For those who love to get dressed up for the occasion, the hardest bit is to find an outfit that is different from last year’s, it is just as scary, sexy and outstanding. This epic ‘100 Years of Halloween Costumes in 3 Minutes’ video might inspire you.

Remember the video that showcased the evolution of women’s lingerie? The same people, Mode.com just released another awesome video from their ‘100 years’ series. However, this time, we’re taken on a virtual tour through the history of women’s Halloween costumes. For centuries, people have celebrated Halloween with costumes that run the gamut from spooky to sweet and sexy.

The video is titled ‘100 years of Halloween Costumes in 3 Minutes’. It shows the interesting evolution of Halloween costumes. It begins in 1915 when costumes where mainly scary and organic. As time lapses costumes evolve to becoming skimpier, and sexy as we know them to be today.  The three-minute marathon finishes with Kim K impressive appearance maybe Mode is hinting that this costume is this years hot number.

Watch the video below and hopefully it’ll inspire you with your own Halloween costume this year:

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