100 Years of Women’s Lingerie In 3 Minutes.

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100 Years of Women’s Lingerie In 3 Minutes.

This video has gone viral and it doesn’t surprising us. Who doesn’t want to watch the history of women’s lingerie, to be precise 100 years of women’s lingerie in 3 minutes.

Have a look at what lingerie women used to wear underneath all their clothes through the ages. Explore the attitudes towards beauty, fashion and femininity through the garments that have privately shaped women’s bodies in our quest for the fashionable ideal. A truly beautiful depiction of the evolution of lingerie over last 100 years.
It kicks off with the demure 1915s; jumps ahead to the 1945 where lingerie is feathery and pointy, to the 1970s where it was all about long, silky and sexy slips. Watch the video and see which  lingerie decade is your favourite.

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