14 Impressive Orgasms Facts .

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14 Impressive Orgasms Facts

We are pretty sure you know a lot about orgasms already. How good they make you feel and their health benefits. Bet that there are some facts that you might not know. Find out how many out of the 14 impressive orgasms facts you already knew. Did you know that exercise and even childbirth can spark a big-O ?

Want to find out more fun facts where these came from? Watch the short video below from women’s health mag.

It’s also great to know how you can up your chances of reaching the final line. Share this awesome video with all your lady friends. Because we all deserve to experience the big_O.

There is a healthy curiosity about orgasms and just when you think you know everything there is about a subject, there comes someone that shakes you up and challenges your views. You’ll be  equally surprised with what Mary Roach reveals about orgasms in her Ted-Talk ‘10 things you didn’t know about orgasms‘.

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