14 Sex Facts That Will Surprise You

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14 Sex Facts That Will Surprise You

Anything about sex is endlessly fascinating and often controversial. Below is a list of 14 facts about sex that are useful info you have ever wanted to know. Even if you consider yourself a sexpert, there’s always something new to learn about sex.

1. Male sperm can live up to 5 days

Male sperm is surprisingly resilient. Sperm inside a woman’s vagina can live in her cervical mucus or upper genital tract for 3-5 days. Provided the sperm remains alive, it may even be able to fertilise the egg, too. Sperm ejaculated outside the body survives only for a few hours.

2. Men think about sleep & food as much as sex

Men think about sex every seven seconds, right? Not according to a new study that finds men ponder sleep and food as much as they do sex. The study found that the median number of thoughts about sex by college-age men was 18 times a day to women’s 10 times a day. But the men also thought about food and sleep proportionately more.

3. A man produces a mind-boggling amount of sperm

In case you were wondering, there is enough sperm in one single man to impregnate every woman on the planet who is fertile.

4. Sex can increase your pain threshold

According to a study published in the Journal of Sex Research, when you’re aroused your pain threshold can increase significantly. It’s even better if you have an orgasm. They have been known to block pain by releasing a hormone, which elevates your pain threshold. Ever wondered why things like spanking and hair-pulling go from bad pain to good pain when you’re having sex?

5. Socks might be the weird key to your orgasm.

Okay, socks won’t trigger an orgasm, but they do solve a common orgasm-blocking problem, according to a Dutch study. While measuring orgasms, they found that many of their female participants were uncomfortable due to cold feet. After they gave them socks, the percentage of those reaching orgasm rose from 50 to 80 percent.

6. We spend copious amounts of money on sex on the internet

Sex is big, big business. According to a 2005 study published in Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity, more than half of all spending on the internet is estimated to be related to sex. That’s a lot of porn and sex toys.

7. Nipplegasms exist.

Add this to the list of crazy orgasms you probably haven’t heard about. But here’s how it works: Nipple stimulation releases oxytocin, which can cause the uterine and vaginal contractions associated with orgasm. This brings more blood flow to the genitals and, for some lucky women, that can mean an orgasm.

8. There’s a reason why it’s hard to wee after sex

Having an orgasm releases an anti-diuretic hormone, which is why you probably find yourself not being able to pee right after sex. Stick with it though – going to the loo after sex helps to prevent urinary tract infections.

9. Sex cures headaches

Before reaching for that panadol, you might want to try sex! Yes, sex. One study found that 60 pecent of migraine sufferers reported that sex helped ease their pain.

10. You can increase your bust size by having sex

Ladies, stop spending money on those expensive push-up bras – just get frisky instead. A woman’s breasts can swell up 25 per cent when she’s aroused. And about one per cent of women are able to orgasm through the stimulation of their breasts and nipples alone.

11. An apple a day can boost your sex life.

According to one study, women who ate the fruit once a day had higher sexual quality of life. Plus, apples are delicious, so it’s a win-win.

12. Food & Sex Stimulate Feelings of Arousal

Some people experience the same feeling of arousal when thinking about food as when having sex. (I might be one of them.)

13. Some foods help boost your libido

There are some foods that boost your sex drive, one of them being black raspberries. This phytochemical-rich food enhances both libido and endurance. Oysters are high in zinc, which is vital for testosterone production and healthy sperm. Watermelon contains citrulline amino acid, good for the cardiovascular system and helps relax the blood vessels that increase your sex drive.

14. Sex is the best sleeping pill

Sex is 10 times more effective than any sleeping pill.

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