14 signs you are with a good partner

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14 signs you are with a good partner

Ever wondered how some people end up together? Or wondered how they didn’t walk away when they realised they didn’t get what they deserved? How is it that they got it so wrong?

The biggest problem is that a large majority of people don’t know what a healthy relationship looks like and how a good partner should act while in a relationship. Here are 14 signs you are with a good partner.

1. They constantly remind you they love you

Often you hear couples confining that they do not feel wanted, appreciated and loved by their partner, it’s not good. This is a key factor in any healthy relationship, that partners continuously reaffirm their love and appreciation for each other.

Tell your partner that you love them and appreciate them, although they might feel and know you do, it is nice to hear it reaffirmed.

2. They support you

A good partner will support and inspire you to pursue your dreams and aspirations, no matter how small or big. They will support you in whatever you want in life. Whether it’s on a career change or going back to university to complete your studies. They believe in you and encourages you and if you fail they console and comfort you.

3. They inspire you

On the sideline, they will observe you and get to know what deeply matters to you and when the time comes, they are the ones pushing you forward in the right direction. They inspire you to take on the dreams you have pushed away in fear of failure or of being ridiculed.

4. They never stop gaining your trust

Although you have been together and are going to continue to do so, a good partner will never stop gaining your trust. A good partner ensures you feel comfortable and confident at all times in your relationship. Trust and ongoing trust is the foundation of love and respect. Without these two the relationship can’t flourish.

5.  They never stop telling you, you are beautiful

It’s only a small part to utter the words; ‘you are beautiful.’ the most important way to express this goes beyond. It lies in the way you look at your partner, the way the touch, speak and treat them. When you truly love someone, your partner will look beautiful in whatever occasion and whatever outfit. The essence of being you is indeed what is beautiful in the eyes of your partner. Now that is one of the important ingredients of a healthy relationship. It goes deeper than the superficial.

6. They make you feel safe

This is one of the most important ones. Feeling safe around someone is definitely the glue to any good relationship. A partner who endeavours in attaining a safe environment you can thrive in. Your partner will never ask you to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. It’s absolute heaven when you can sleep next to your partner knowing that you are safe.

7. They never cross the line

It’s natural to have disagreements and arguments, but to insult, diminish and crush the other’s spirit is a red flag boarding abuse. Psychological and emotional abuse is a reality in many relationships and it’s never ok. Although it’s nice to get your way, it is not what a relationship is, a relationship is a continuous negotiation and compromise. You know your partner loves you and respects you when they calmly talk to you and focus on the topic at hand. When they are happy to come to a conclusion where both sides are equally considered.

8. They understand action speak louder than words

A caring and devoted partner will keep their promises, they understand that in keeping their promises they will also gain your respect and love

9. They never stop improving themselves

A good partner understands that in a relationship you never cease to improve. A relationship, much like life, is ever changing. A partner who is constantly looking at improving themselves by acquiring a new skill and learning new things is necessary for a healthy relationship. Make your relationship your project and tweak to improve it, is the relationship skill everybody should be willing to invest in.

10. They will have open conversations

Keeping conversations open, no matter how difficult, is decisively important. It’s not easy for people to express emotions, fears, insecurities and inner desires, but the right person will make these conversations easier. A good partner understands that there are things that are private, others that need to be discussed with honesty and non-judgementally. Mostly they understand that bottling up feelings up will cause frustration and tension.

11. They stay honest

Honesty is always the best policy for a healthy relationship. Any less and an atmosphere of distrust and suspicion will enwrap any relationship.

12. They will make you feel comfortable being honest

This is a beautiful element of a good relationship whereby you can express your feelings and thoughts without fearing judgement. Your partner will respectfully listen and respond without overreacting. You can be comfortable being yourself around your partner.

And no it’s not that kind of comfortable that parallels to letting go, as a good partner is always looking at self-improvement, physical, emotional and intellectual.

13. They are never abusive

A good partner will never be abusive, mentally, physically or emotionally. No good person would act in this manner toward a loved one.

14. They will stand by you

A good partner knows that there are good and bad times ahead. There are challenges, unexpected and unforeseeable situations. Life will test the depth of your character and your union. Remember that you are not alone, you are a team and together you’ll confront those life challenging situations.

If your partner puts effort into you and your relationship, let them know how much you appreciate them and how lucky you are to have them.


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