15 Tips for A Healthy Pregnancy to an Expectant Mother

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15 Tips for A Healthy Pregnancy to an Expectant Mother

In order to proceed with an uncomplicated pregnancy, the expecting parents should start preparing for such a huge milestone in their life the moment they decide on conceiving a child. While the mommy-to-be does most of the hard work, papa-to-be also has equal responsibility when it comes to making sure that things stay A-okay for the mother and the child both, right from the start. 15 tips for a healthy pregnancy to an expectant mother.

15 Tips for A Healthy Pregnancy to an Expectant Mother


This provides a woman with all the necessary safeguards for having a safe and trouble-free pregnancy leading up to a normal healthy child.  The baby’s neural cord, which later on becomes the spine and brain, is formed from the time of conception. So, one should be armed with all essential nutrients of the likes of folic acid, (Ca)calcium, and (Fe) iron to give to the baby from day one. 

A list of points necessary for a healthy pregnancy would include those like  the fifteen given below:

(1) Never skip breakfast.

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day for everyone, and more so, for the expectant mother as both she and her baby have not had anything since the previous night and must be hungry.

(2) Eat fibrous foods

because they are not only full of nutrition but also make the bowel movements easy, sparing the mother-to-be from exerting extra pressure which may be dangerous for her pregnancy.

(3) Take Vitamin supplements

Vitamin D pills with iron and folic acid supplements, as prescribed by your gynecologist. These nutrients are essential for the healthy development of your baby’s bones. 

(4) Eat fish

As much as possible because fish is low in fat and has high-quality protein. It is rich in calcium, phosphorus, and minerals like iron, zinc, iodine, magnesium, and potassium too. It is a universally acclaimed source of omega-3 fatty acids and also has vitamins D and B2 (riboflavin). Expecting mothers need these important nutrients for the baby’s growth. To know more about the exact care you need to choose for yourself and your baby at this crucial stage.

(5) Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulating beverage, and it increases blood pressure and heart rate. Both of these are dangerous for your pregnancy. Caffeine increases the frequency of urination and this can cause dehydration. 

(6) No alcohol ever

Alcohol intake should be completely stopped. Expecting mothers who drink alcohol risk their child to the infamous “ fetal alcohol syndrome”, which leads to physical and mental birth defects. 

(7) Regular exercise

Exercise regularly and practice relaxation techniques like deep breathing yoga, stretching,  and get regular massages. They could go a long way into making the process of childbirth easy and less painful.

(8) Avoid toxic cleaners

Pregnant women should stay away from harsh or toxic cleaners during housework. The poisonous fumes emanating from them could cause respiratory troubles for the baby and the mother both. 

(9) No lifting heavyweights

At any cost, a pregnant woman should avoid lifting heavyweights. This is very crucial as it may result in a  miscarriage because the blood flow from internal organs including the uterus is diverted to the muscles and this may prevent the oxygen from reaching the baby.

(10) Maintain a healthy weight

Track your weight because it will also indicate your baby’s growth. The average weight increase for pregnant ladies should be between 12 to  14 Kgs. 

(11) Eat when hungry

Eat whenever hungry, and do not suppress your cravings. You should increase the intake of healthy snacks, which include fibres.

(12) Drink plenty of water

Fluid intake should be increased, with at least six to eight glasses of water, further combined with fruit juices and soups daily.

(13) Get plenty of sleep

Sleep and rest are not to be compromised as they are important for the baby too and also because they control any untoward repercussions.

(14) Consult a doctor before taking any medicine

Self-medication, over-the-counter medicines or herbal tonics, etc should not be taken without your doctor’s consultations.

(15)  Stretch often

“Cramps in legs” is a very frequent complaint with pregnant ladies, so, to avoid them stretch before retiring for the night.

Thus, the above-mentioned points bring home the fact that a lot of care should be given to the expectant mother as her well-being is necessary for the child’s well-being too. 

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