3 Dress Styles to Wear in Colder Months

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3 Dress Styles to Wear in Colder Months

Just because it’s a little chillier than usual doesn’t mean you have to confine yourself to pants and sweaters. You can still get a whole lot of love from dresses, though not every style is going to fly in frigid weather. That silk slip dress will probably leave you shivering, but there is a slew of other dress options that will keep you toasty and turned-out.

Here are your best dress styles for cooler temperatures. These are 3 dress styles to wear in colder months.

1) Knit Dress

Knit has never looked sexier than when it is in dress form. Not only is it super cozy, but it is surprisingly versatile. A chunky sweater dress can look edgy with lace-up hiking boots, or kick-butt confident with a pair of knee boots, fearlessly fun in fringed ankle boots or stunningly sexy when worn with a sleek pair of heels. Leggings or stockings can really warm up this look.

Of course, there are also more streamline sweater dresses that hug your figure (like the ones in Sundays the Label). Throw on a leather or jean jacket, and you’ve got a great ensemble that won’t leave you out in the cold.

2) The Shift Dress

Shift dresses are known for their straight lines and relatively boxy cut. This can be a drag if you’re trying to show off your waist to hip ratio, but if you’re trying to keep your look classic cool, and your body temperature nice and warm, then the shift is perfection. Shifts speak to a timeless elegance and sophistication that never, ever goes out of vogue.

Since this style of dress comes in all lengths, so you can opt for a longer shift or a shorter one. Longer ones tend to be more formal, however, and are hard to pull off for everyday wear, no matter the season. Regardless, the shift is a dream to style, and unlike that slip dress, most shifts look amazing with stockings, so your legs will stay warm.

3) The Blazer Dress

Not only are blazer dresses endlessly flattering, but they transition beautifully from warmer months to cooler seasons, and from dress to top. This is a wardrobe staple with a  lot of potential.

While you may have gone bare legged in your blazer dress when it was hot outside, you can slip into a pair of stockings or even leggings when it gets colder. And that camisole you wore under your blazer before? It’s likely not going to be warm enough when there’s a chill in the air, so wear a long-sleeved blouse, dress shirt or turtleneck.  

Want to get really adventurous with cold weather these dress styles and stay even warmer?

Pull on a pair of leg warmers over your bare legs, stockings or leggings. While this specific styling option is not meant for formal events, it looks amazing if you’re sporting a more casual look.

In reality, almost any dress can transition to cooler months. Yes, even that slip. Paired with a jacket and a warm scarf, it can make the leap – just not as stylishly as these three options. Their cut, material and adaptability make them ideal cold weather dresses. So don’t let the cold weather blues make you give up on wearing what you love. Embrace these styles, and take on the chill!

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