3 New Ways To Consult With A Doctor In The Post-Pandemic World

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3 New Ways To Consult With A Doctor In The Post-Pandemic World

You’ve probably heard the word “telemedicine” thrown around a fair bit since the arrival of COVID-19. Thanks to advances in technology and telecommunications, it’s now possible to receive top-quality healthcare from a distance. So, if your circumstances dictate that a trip to your doctor’s clinic just isn’t possible, there are now a number of alternative appointment options you can take. Below, we take you through the three best avenues for those seeking to see a doctor without leaving home. 3 New ways to consult with a doctor in the pos-pandemic world.

1. Home visits

Thanks to the wonders of portable, smart diagnostic sets and medical equipment, it’s easier than ever for doctors to make house calls. Home visits are ideal for patients who require physical care or assessment; for whatever reason; are unable to make it into a clinic. 

Not all doctors offer this service. However, you may not be able to see your usual physician. If you feel like a home visit would be ideal for your circumstances, and you have a doctor you’ve been seeing for years, it is worth checking if they’d be willing to accommodate you. 

If your doctor is unable to do house calls, it’s time to start researching general physicians in your area who offer this service. Be sure to browse through independent online reviews before making an appointment.  

2. Online appointments

Online consultations were around before the arrival of COVID-19, however; the pandemic has triggered a huge surge in their popularity (for obvious reasons). Many clinics are now offering this service alongside their regular appointments. So, using your computer, tablet, or smartphone, you should be able to connect with your doctor to discuss any new or ongoing health problems. 

If your usual clinic does not offer this service, there are plenty of dedicated telemedicine practitioners available. Just be sure to check the appointment cost and whether your insurance will cover it. 

With online appointments, you’re still able to see your doctor via video chat. You can discuss your symptoms, ask questions, and in some cases, have prescriptions arranged. This appointment option is ideal for those who don’t need a physical checkup or manual treatments, like would dressing. 

Not only do you protect yourself from potential pathogens by accessing telemedicine options, but you also take the pressure off the doctor’s clinic, making it easier for them to see patients in a timely manner while adhering to social distancing rules.  

3. Phone consultations

If your regular doctor doesn’t offer online appointments, then a phone consultation may be ideal. This saves you from having to establish all your details anew with a telemedicine practitioner, making it particularly helpful if you have an ongoing condition or a well-established relationship with your existing GP. 

Though they can be useful, phone consultations are limited. With this in mind, they are best reserved for discussing test results and checkups that don’t require a physical examination. 

To ensure your phone consultation is successful, it’s important to be prepared for the appointment ahead of time. Find a quiet place, and if you’re using a smartphone, make sure it’s fully charged. You should also be prepared to speak to one of the administrative staff first and be aware that there may be a wait before you’re connected to the doctor. 

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