3 Reasons Why Sleep Is Needed in Order To Be Productive

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3 Reasons Why Sleep Is Needed in Order To Be Productive

Studies have shown that when we are tired our minds have similar brain wave patterns as when we are intoxicated. In fact, the effects dramatically increase the longer you stay awake and deprive yourself of sleep! These studies published by Medical News Today show that staying awake for a little under 24hrs has the same effect on the mind as several glasses of red wine. Here are 3 reasons why sleep is needed in order to be productive.

1. Bad Sleep Means Bad Choices & Indecision

Now ask yourself this question, would you show up to your job drunk? Most sane people would answer NO. However, at least 30% of the western worlds population are lacking the required hours of sleep. To be productive in our lives, we need to be making the smart and right decisions most of the time. This simply can’t be done when we are lacking sleep.

2. Sleep and Physical Health Go Hand in Hand!

When we sleep we are healing! All the micro aspect of our bodies are repairing and mending muscle tissues. Replenishing sugar and fat that our body uses for energy and much more! Without sleep, our physical bodies would not be at the ideal level to achieve productive hours within our lives. There is a large amount of evidence showing that healthy levels of sleep have similar effects on the body as acupuncture, helping muscles to recover, improves posture and increases blood flow.

It is when we sleep that our brains process things and place them as long term memory. This means that if you have gone through a day of heavy new knowledge but are running on lack of sleep; all that new knowledge won’t be retained! There is nothing more unproductive then going back over the same points, revisiting information that you have already learnt before. If you’re someone who takes their longterm health seriously, as well as getting the most out of your day. Then we consider developing a healthy sleeping habit.

3. Sleep is When Problems Are Solved

Everyone faces difficult decisions and situations every day. Sometimes these choices can take up a lot of time, going over the data and deciding the right action! This is where the old saying “sleep on it” comes in. As we mentioned earlier, during sleep our mind is processing all the events of the day; keeping what is important and discarding the rest.

It is during this process that our minds compare our current issues with the ones of the past. Freely diving into the subconscious, all while we are sound asleep. This is why it’s common to awake with brilliant ideas or inspiration during the middle of the night. It’s why so many CEO, industry authorities and creatives often sleep with a pen and pad by their bedside. In fact, it’s well known that acclaimed Scientist Albert Enistine would use sleep like trances to provoke ideas and inspiration!

If you are trying to get the most out of yourself in the office, classroom or just life in general; you are going to need to solve problems. This is why a healthy sleeping pattern is required.

So there you have it, 3  strong reasons as to why sleep is vital for productivity. We strongly recommend you start tonight, you will struggle over the first few nights, this is normal. Stay committed and after a week your body will develop a new body clock. Leaving you feeling more refreshed, energized and focused for your day!


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