3 Step Fall Detox – Body & Mind

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3 Step Fall Detox – Body & Mind

Make the transition from the hotter days to more moderate temperatures with a fall detox – body and mind. Reset your body and mind to be strong and re-energised for the fall. This 3 step fall detox for your body and mind will reset your body and mind for whatever lay ahead.

1. One step at a time

3 Step Fall Detox - Body & Mind

You might hear and read about “three-day toxin cleanses”, liquid diets and other fast-working cleanses that promise to get rid of all the bad things in your body. But the truth is, these will do you more harm than good. Yes, consuming nothing but green tea for three days will flush toxins out of your system. But it will also get rid of a lot of good things in your intestinal flora and leave your body starving for nutrients. The best way to actually cleanse your body is to eat as clean as possible and allow your body to get rid of harmful toxins naturally. Try a diet rich in foods that are high in antioxidants, like berries and dark leafy greens. Include them in your meals, make smoothies and snack on them raw. Drink plenty of water, because dehydration is the easiest way to actually keep the toxins in your body since they will naturally be released through urine. Don’t expect instant results and give your body time to adjust to a new regime.

2. Working from the outside in

3 Step Fall Detox - Body & Mind

One big organ we can’t forget in this cleansing process is our skin. Healthy skin is vital to a healthy body because it’s the first line of defence against many diseases. So, do you cleanse your skin? Firstly, you want to make sure you thoroughly clean it every day. Any dirt and dead skin cells left in your pores will clog them and won’t allow your skin to breathe. Use an extra light scrub to make sure you are taking off the layer of dead skin cells without damaging the healthy new skin underneath. As for the cosmetics we use, always try to use natural beauty products, that have as few harmful toxins as possible. These products will feed and heal your skin, instead of damaging it in the long run.

3. Cleanse your mind

3 Step Fall Detox - Body & Mind

Our bodies are just one part of us, and just like we want to get rid of toxicity from them, we have to do the same with our mind. The first step is letting go of past events that are weighing you down. Forgive and forget, allow yourself to move on and leave the past behind you. Next, you want to learn what is the best way for you to deal with stress. It might be meditation, it might be yoga, or it might be writing. We are different, and you need to find what works best for you. You will also want to distance yourself from the people in your life who bring you nothing but toxicity. It might be hard, but when you look back on it next spring, you will realize it was for the best. Lastly, you want to try and focus on a brighter future. If we imagine a successful and bright future ahead of us, we are more likely to feel motivated to work towards it and achieve our goals. When you are feeling restless and unsure, take a few minutes to breathe deeply and collect your thought before springing into action.

Just like the flowers wake up and turn their faces to the sun, so should you. Fill your days with positivity and good energy, and you will feel like you can give more of it back into the world. We can all afford to be a better version of ourselves, and whether we choose to focus more on our physical, mental or overall health, detoxing our bodies and minds will get in in the right mood to face on the beauty and challenges that fall will bring.

Brigitte Evans

Brigitte Evans is a Cosmetic Skin Care Consultant and a writer from Australia, with a sweet tooth for makeup and everything sparkly.

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