3 Ways to Maximise Your Social Ad Outcome

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3 Ways to Maximise Your Social Ad Outcome

Apart from providing services and products, a business strives to maximize outcomes and make profits. The sole target is to achieve more than invested. We all are aware of social media advertisements. But what most marketers fail to understand is how to make the best use of their social media ad budget. The problem lies in targeting. Creating an ad catering to a large section of people is okay, but these should lead to a good number of conversions as well.

Social networking sites provide various user details, which further helps in customizing advertisements. Customers’ likes, re-tweets, page views, everything provides enough detail to track their interests and behaviours. Here are three ways to help bring out maximum benefits without much constraint on your ad budget. 3 ways to maximise your social ad outcome.

1. Facebook Advertisement

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Your targeting game should be high. All social networking sites cater to different sections of users. You need to select your target audience and then choose the ad settings that can optimize your social media advertisements. Facebook, which is most widely used for advertising, offers marketers to select advanced targeting options by including a drop-down list of locations, age, gender language, and specific demographics for easy reach.

The lead generation feature of Facebook advertising allows prospective customers to fill up a form which accompanies with the ads. It makes people sign up for a newsletter, request a free trial, or ask for a quote. Marketers shall have to pay only for those ads which lead customers to fill in their personal details through the form. Therefore, your ads will generate conversions by attracting only those who have a real interest in your service or product. For a more refined audience, you can set your ads according to interests (business, entertainment, fitness, food, and drinks, etc.) and behaviour targeting. Photo ads on Facebook include a buy now option for convincing users to purchase your product. Video ads work well for desktop users. These can include attractive visuals to drive conversions by showing the best of your brand.

Facebook ad campaigns aim to generate awareness, increase engagement, and create online conversions. With $1 per day on ads, businesses can still build an impact on their target consumers. The average click-through rate in the retail industry is 1.59%, followed by beauty with 1.24%, and fitness with 1.01%. In case of cost per click (CPC), the apparel industry costs the lowest, which is $0.45 per click. It is convenient and offers an array of options to gain a loyal target audience for the long-term.

2. Twitter Advertisement

Similar to Facebook, Twitter also includes some advanced targeting options to maximize your ad outcome. You can select locations, gender, languages, devices, platforms, other targeting criteria like keywords, interests, etc. Twitter has an advanced feature of a tailored audience which enables customizing targeting options.

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There is now an analytic dashboard to view your followers’ interests and activity on the platform. Use this dashboard with a range of choices to create a campaign. Choose the options according to what you wish to achieve. This method of setting up campaigns according to your marketing objective simplifies the process and maximizes the outcome. You can analyze tweet engagements, video views, clicks, and conversions.

Furthermore, Twitter’s promote mode allows the platform’s algorithm to promote Tweets to your target prospects. If you are struggling with building a brand image, try and learn to use quick promote on Twitter. A promoted tweet costs around $1.35 per engagement. You can get followers, increase reach, and profile visits with this feature. Twitter charges a fee of $99 per month for using this feature. And experts say it’s worth a try.

Use Twitter Ads, if you prefer advertising without the promote mode. Twitter Ads will allow creating campaigns according to your business goals. This is a holistic approach where multiple ads achieve a single business goal. To launch a campaign, you will have to select from 8 different objectives like app installs, followers, tweet engagements, promoted video views, website clicks and conversions, app re-engagement, in-stream video views, and awareness. You can set your daily maximum budget for the campaign.

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Generating lead is easy in the case of Twitter. As it already has a record of customers’ name and email address, a simple click on your campaign will auto-fill the details.

3. Instagram Advertisement 

Instagram users are mostly between 25 to 34 years of age. It is the millennial generations’ favourite way of communication on a regular basis. Instagram advertisements are of four types: Photo, Video, Carousel, and Collection. These are great for increasing web traffic sales and building brand image through high-visual content.

An Instagram picture or video advertisements displays its sponsorship on the posts. Identify your campaign objective first, to rightly place the correct call-to-action button on it. Make sure you choose similar styles for all the posts. Create organic ads that are relatable and reliable. Use the Instagram carousel ad feature intelligently. This is a Facebook advertising format which allows posting multiple videos or pictures in a particular post. You can share your product images in a series without flooding customers’ feed.

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Do not forget to use hashtags. It broadens your reach to people who are not following you. Users lookout for products and services by searching for a keyword. The search result delivers several brand pages offering similar services. Make your brand visible with searchable hashtags to avail fast user engagement. Take help of some genuine services like Social Buddy to help generate followers.

Marketers should keep track of results in all these social media platforms. See what works best for your business. Optimize campaigns and learn from previous investment activity. It is good to familiarize with social media advertising strategies to lead your ads to sale conversions. Social media ad set up will depend on your campaign objectives. Keep track of your audience’s changing interest. The same campaign cannot run for days and months. For a stronger ROI, it is good to build a compact customer base first, with high targeting.

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