4 Best Island Resorts to Visit in 2018

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4 Best Island Resorts to Visit in 2018

Why are celebrities so obsessed with buying their own private islands? In the old days, a private island was the exclusive reserve of Bond villains, but now everyone seems to want one.

Frankly, though, it is easy to see why. Tranquil seas, miles of beaches and a hot sun beaming down onto your back as the bartender mixes your second Pina Colada of the day. Sounds nice, right?

A private island is, unfortunately, going to be beyond the scope of most of us – but you can still enjoy your own slice of island paradise by booking into one of these 4 best island resorts worth a visit in 2018.

Amanwella, Sri Lanka

4 Best Island Resorts to Visit in 2018- palm tree and water

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island of rolling green landscapes, beautiful beaches and crystal clear seas. Since the end of the Civil war in 2009, the tourism industry has been a real growth sector. And this wonderful country is quickly moving up the rankings as one of the most desirable holiday spots in the world.

Amanwella is probably the best beach resort on of the islands where you already find some of the best beaches in the world – how’s that for a recommendation. Amanwella is also quite small as far as resorts go, with only 30 suites. That helps provide a real sense of isolation and escape. After all, you don’t want to share paradise with too many people, do you?

Alila Villa Uluwatu, Bali

4 Best Island Resorts to Visit in 2018- pool lounges and pool

Bali, an island belonging to Indonesia, is like Sri Lanka in that it is looking to move forward from an inauspicious past. Also like Sri Lanka, it is one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

It is a dichotomy of tastes and experiences; a largely undeveloped centre is full of magnificent temples and mountain hikes, the coast is ringed by some of the best (and luxurious) hotels you will find.

The Alila Villa Uluwatu is definitely one the best. It is a truly magnificent hotel resort clinging to the coast. Reception, restaurant, spa and accommodation are all free-standing, modern structures set against the breathtaking backdrop of the deep blue waters of the India Ocean. Truly magnificent, Instagram-worthy views.

Costa Teguise, Canaries

Lanzarote is (whisper it) the best of the Canaries. It just has less development, more rugged coastlines and that little bit more sense of isolation. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you want to rock out on Gran Canaria. Sometimes you want to enjoy the history and pretty little villages of Tenerife.

But sometimes you just want to chill, and nowhere does that better than Lanzarote.

Costa Teguise is the best resort on the best island – a bold claim but it does stack up. It is conveniently placed (only 15 minutes from the airport) and also close to the capital. It has enough leisure facilities – everything from a water park to a golf course. To keep everyone entertained and it is close to the finest beaches and waters in the entire island chain.

If you are looking for a resort that overflows with amenities, far enough away from anything to allow true relaxation yet close enough to towns and airports to never feel cut off – this is a winner.

Corinthia Hotel, St Geroge’s Bay, Malta

4 Best Island Resorts to Visit in 2018- Hotel Corinthia with pool in the middle

Full disclosure, I love Malta. It’s such a friendlily place, full of history, amazing weather and the food is also incredible.

The Corinthia Hotel enjoys one of the premier spots on the island. It was built overlooking St George’s Bay, allowing for some truly magnificent views – seriously, it’s worth paying a little extra to wake up to that view every morning with a bay facing window or balcony.

Within the resort itself, we are looking at no less than 7 pools, a sauna, whirlpool tubs and some of the finest spa treatments on the islands. If you truly want to relax and pamper yourself, this could be a winner.


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