4 Essential Tips for Travelling with Dogs

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4 Essential Tips for Travelling with Dogs

When planning a trip, you decide where you’re going, how you’re getting there and what your activities will be. However, when you have to bring a dog into that equation, things can get a little complicated. How will your dog react to the plane or the long trip in the car? Will he be welcome where you’re staying? If you truly want to have a stress-free vacation with your dog. You need to plan everything ahead and know exactly what to expect from each step of your trip. Here are some excellent tips for travelling with dogs.

Be informed

When embarking on a trip with your pet, you have to find a pet-friendly hotel. Also, you need to know if your dog will be allowed to participate in all of your activities. For example, if you want to go on a river cruise in a new city, you have to make sure that your dog can accompany you. Otherwise, you might end up paying for something you can’t take part in.

4 Essential Tips for Travelling with Dogs -Be informed

Also, even if it’s OK for your pet to stay in your hotel room, ask if he’ll be as welcome in the hotel restaurant, the swimming pool, or on the nearby beaches. Some hotels may have dog-sitters for their guests, but unless this is the case, you should make sure your dog can be involved in anything you do.

Be prepared

When you’re taking your pet on a trip, you need to be well prepared and not leave things for the last minute. For instance, you need to have the travel papers for your dog. Also, if you’re going abroad, you need to know if your pet needs any vaccines for that particular destination. This means you should take your furry friend to see their vet before the trip. WHo will check that all the vaccinations are up-to-date and see what medications you should have on hand in case there are any problems.

4 Essential Tips for Travelling with Dogs- Be prepared

If you’ll spend a lot of time outdoors, in nature, you should get some beef-flavoured Nexgard for dogs, which are chewable tablets offering reliable protection against ticks and fleas.

Choose your means of transport wisely

If you decide to drive to your destination, it would be best to crate your dog. That way, they won’t start nervously running around the car, putting you in jeopardy. In addition, if you have to hit the brakes, they won’t get hurt. Don’t feed your dog too much before or during the drive. But rather plan on taking some breaks and feed your pet a snack or two. Use the break to play with your pet a bit and let them run around for a while to get rid of the built-up energy. Never leave your pet inside a parked car, particularly if it’s hot outside. If you’re travelling by plane, learn about the airline rules regarding pets and what health certificate they require. You should crate your dog before entering a busy airport to avoid them acting out due to stress. Make a pit-stop as close to the flight time as possible. Don’t feed your dog for several hours before the flight, but make sure they have access to water to remain hydrated.

Keep your dog calm during travel

If you stay calm when they take your dog out of the main cabin of your airplane, your dog will more likely remain calm as well. Avoid medicating your dog, even if you’re worried they might be upset during travel. Instead, put their favourite toy or their blanket inside their crate.

4 Essential Tips for Travelling with Dogs- Keep your dog calm during travel

Another advice is to calm them with scent. You can do this by rubbing the same scent on your wrist for weeks before the trip, whenever you feed or walk your dog, and then rub some of that scent inside their crate. The familiar smell will remind them of you and keep them relaxed while travelling.

The key to a carefree vacation with your four-legged friend is being informed and prepared. Therefore, do your homework, so that both you and your pet can enjoy your trip.

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