4 Hot Tips To Ensure Your Crowdfunding Campaign Is A Success

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4 Hot Tips To Ensure Your Crowdfunding Campaign Is A Success

Do you have a dream that needs funding?

Being a dreamer is great. But turning your creative vision into reality can be a challenge. Between finding the time to work on your craft and overcoming the naysayers, it’s easy to feel defeated before you even start.

That’s not to mention the need for finance.

Whether you’re funding a small creative project or looking to get a major initiative off the ground, getting finance can be a huge challenge.

Enter crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding may seem straightforward – writing a paragraph about the objective and sharing a link. However, a lot goes into this strategy for it to be a success. 

Most crowdfunding campaigns fail to take off the ground, and others soon fall because they were not thought through properly or advertised enough.

If you are thinking of trying your hand in crowdfunding, then follow these 4 hot tips below to ensure it is a success.

1. Sell The Campaign From The Start

The reasons for raising money may not matter much; what counts is are you reaching the right people that will give you the cash you need. As such, you should be selling your campaign with every chance that comes your way.

Let the reason behind the need for money be something that you genuinely believe in, and this will be what fuels your drive for the crowdfunding campaign.

Australian tradesman expert Richard Gabriel explains that “people are more inclined to invest their money in something that they genuinely believe they will be helping to make a difference in a person’s life. That is what you need to focus on your passions, the more you play on it, the better.” 

Sell the significance of your cause and make sure the urgency of the matter is apparent as you make use of emotive and hyperbolic language.

If you can evoke genuine emotions from people by selling your campaign, they’re far more likely to get behind the cause. 

2. Be Honest and Open

As you sell the ideals of what it is that you are passionate about, you also should be upfront with the potential donors about the reality of the matter.  Assuming you are crowdfunding to raise the money you need to start a business. 

Hypnosis guru Ilona Nichterlein says that’s why you should be honest about the risks and potential gains involved in your undertaking when selling your campaign. She says “the ideal in doing this is not only to convince a potential donor to invest by supporting you financially but also to ensure that you retain the individuals that are eager to give you large sums of money. Remember, you are dealing with people, not just patrons.”

The risk of putting money into something that may not succeed and the chances of not getting that money back is always a strong possibility. That is yet another reason when you must be upfront about your goal for the campaign. If they still opt to donate and support your cause, then it is their obligation and a decision based on taking an informed risk. 

3. Nail The Aesthetics

As you iron out the various nooks and crannies of your campaign and polish the aesthetics, you also need to take into account your website. Selling a story on social media is rather straightforward when you have a substantial following, that things are different when it comes to your other sites.

The hotel industry experts at Lovestone Cottages recommend thinking of this as selling a house. They explain “property buyers are fickle and will not invest in something that they believe will not give them any significant returns. The same can be said of anyone that is investing in something and expecting some profitable ROI. Therefore, give your target audience a good story that is presented to them in a well-packaged manner and they will not scroll on past but be drawn in and take an interest in what you have to say.”

So, as you refine how your website looks, focus on the graphics and images. It should be easy on the eye and easy to navigate. Avoid using copyrighted images and make sure that you use high-definition photos that are relevant to what you are selling or why you are raising the money. You can consider having a logo designed for the crowdfunding campaign and come up with a catchy slogan that people will find captivating.

4. Get Social Proof

Lastly, you need to ascertain the interest already garnered in your crowdfunding campaign. That is where social proof gains significance in the efforts you put into source the money you need. Reach out and talk to the people in that circle of donors or investors that pooled together to support you financially.

In this step, you will reach out to them via social media. Consider making things a bit personal while also remaining subtle and genuine about how you appreciate their contribution and support. Them chipping in, however big or small, is the start of your crowdfunding campaign. It thus serves as proof that your crowdfunding is off to a good start.

The next step will then be finding more people to like and follow your social media profile as well as visit your website. In 2017, 46.8% of the world’s population accessed the internet. So you need to find your audience and make sure they know about your campaign. In so doing, you will be establishing a solid foundation on which other interested parties or investors can build on. 

Crowdfunding is, by far, not a simple feat. Its success is pegged on getting it right from the beginning. Implementing these tips will set you on the path that sees you attain your goal.

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