4 Instagram Tips to Help You Gain Success With Your Photography

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4 Instagram Tips to Help You Gain Success With Your Photography

Instagram is a visual platform that promotes your services or products and helps you narrate your story through pictures. This is every photographer’s dream! According to an article published on Entrepreneur, over 70 million new images are uploaded on this visual site every day. Therefore, why not make the most out of Instagram to make your photography stand out from the rest? Here are the best Instagram tips to help you gain success with your photography.

Businesses look for great photos

These days, many clients look for photographers for their business, but before hiring, they visit social media sites such as Instagram to get a glimpse of the shots clicked by a professional photographer. Even brands use professionally shot photos to promote their products or services; to reach out to new followers and clients. Though likes and followers aren’t the be-all and end-all of the social media game; stunning images do attract attention. Here are the best Instagram tips to help you gain success with photography.

1. Fine-tune your Instagram bio

Your bio should look perfect and ensure that it aptly represents you as a photographer. This section is extremely personal and what you choose to include or omit would depend on your services, style, the genre of photography, and your approach to the profession.

The bio section is almost like the about us part of a typical portfolio website; the only difference the text in your Instagram bio is significantly squeezed. The information you provide is very essential because the visitors will first view that when they hit your Instagram page.

If you are a fine-art photographer, keep your Instagram bio simple with your name and of course, a website. If you are a wildlife photographer, update your bio periodically with your present location and brand affiliations, if any. You can also include a call or en email option using the contact button, though Instagram has a messaging feature, and so adding email or call options are not mandatory.

You can add emojis too to come out of language obstacles and convey your information through fun icons provided the same help in representing your personality and photography. Remember the emojis used in the bio is about casual chats with your friends.

2. Ensure your photos speak

If you are a professional photographer, your photos should tell an interesting story. Instagram is a dynamic visual platform on which you can optimize your photos so that they look stunning when displayed in a small format.

You can upload your travel or wildlife photos in any format, not necessarily square-shaped. You can always tweak your pictures using photo-editing applications, send those to your smartphone, and finally upload the images.

Many photographers make their snapshots more breathable by cropping the photos into square segments, posting the visuals in a series for adding these into a bigger display of a photograph on your Instagram feed.

A couple of photographers do not like to use the same filters in all their photos, though this technique will render a consistent look, feel, and style over your feed. Avoid traditional Instagram filters; choose app offerings like VSCO instead.

If your photos are exceptional, many important people can view your work on Instagram, but you will not know whether they are viewing your profile or not unless they say so. So if you are fretting over the question can people see when you look at their Instagram account, the answer is no.

3. Post photos regularly

The best way to post regularly is by scheduling your Instagram posts. You can post one image daily or four times a week. Maintain a consistent design and make sure you score high on aesthetics. Post when your followers are browsing the internet and active on Instagram. Therefore, timing is essential when you post on this photo-sharing social media platform.

Learn when your targeted audience is active the most and accordingly, schedule your posts, boost exposure to ensure that your photography work reaches more people. Quality content on Instagram is better than posting average ones on Instagram.

4.Build engagement

The photo-sharing social site Instagram has numerous algorithms and it uses the same to prioritize the visuals on users’ feeds. It means that you must upload the best content, and not merely technically great photos. Your images require timely posting and look relevant. Then, you need to pay heed to your relationship with your targeted audience.

When users interact often with many of your images, they will see more of your content when you post them in the days to come. It means consistent content and engagement related to your photos including Instagram Stories will help you rank high. People will see your content frequently, like and share them, and it would have a snowball effect.

Engagement begets engagement and so, you should try to post jaw-dropping images, posts that look quirky or narrate an interesting story. This way, your followers will provide feedback on your posts and interact with you. It will help in building user engagement.

Instagram is the right platform to let your followers know about your daily shoots. It could be anything like how you work, consider lighting while clicking photos, posting content related to behind-the-scenes activities of a hectic shoot. You can post things like where you went for lunch with your fashion model or client.

If you are a beginner and developing your career, share content related to inspirations behind your photography, or for that matter, any of your work to pique client interest.

Your photos should look authentic on Instagram and therefore, you need to create the right balance between posting engaging content and striving hard to post something that does not look genuine. You will not like to build a fan following for displaying visuals that do not represent the true photographer in you. It is difficult to maintain this approach as you grow in your career, but you need to look genuine.


Keep these tips in mind to make your photography work stand out on Instagram. Post the best imageries, narrate stories through visuals, and build engagement


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