4 Out-Of-The-Ordinary Getaways For Your Family

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4 Out-Of-The-Ordinary Getaways For Your Family

If you ’re regularly searching through blogs for ideas for less than ordinary getaways for your family. You have most certainly already read many guides, such as house boating in England or family walking with a donkey in France. Well, if you liked the guides but you didn’t find the adventure extraordinary enough. It’s better that you stay tuned and sharpen up because there’s more to come right about now. We’ll show you 4 out of the ordinary getaways for your family.

In this article, we will give you some solutions for nice little getaways that certainly don’t fall in the realm of ordinary. Whether you have a bigger budget at your disposal or you’re more of a budget travelling type of family, these solutions will get you covered.

1. Relive the Land of Oz

If you enjoyed the cult movie about the little girl named Dorothy wandering off on her adventures with her strange friends, Scarecrow and the Tin Man, you should take your family on a weekend trip to North Carolina, where you can relive all of Dorothy’s adventures yourself in the Land of Oz-themed park.

With the amusement park being located at the top of Beech Mountains in the North Carolina, USA, you can spend the rest of the weekend enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Beech Mountains and engage into some mountain-like activities like hiking, biking, or just cluelessly wandering through the mountain woods.

Of course, it’s recommended that you plan this getaway in the sunny days of summer.

4 Out-Of-The-Ordinary Getaways For Your Family

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2. Visit the Santa Claus

If we’re talking about Christmas time, Finland is definitely the place-to-be. Legend has it that famous Santa Claus has his origins in the Finnish province of Lapland, located around the arctic circle.

It’s where all the magic happens in the winter time, where peace of untouched wilderness crossovers with the vibrancy of ski resorts.

If you want to help Santa and become one of his little helpers on the busiest day of the year, you are more than welcome to enrol in his Elf Academy and provide help when it’s needed. You can even learn from Ms Santa how to prepare delicious Christmas cookies, cinnamon ones included.

Santa’s doors are open throughout the entire year but it’s only around Christmas time when the true magic will happen. This is the perfect time to plan your visit to Finland.

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3. Cruise the Oceans

If you want to relax on a big cruiser and don’t want to be bound to one place on your holiday, you just might want to consider booking a cruise trip for your family.

There are truly plenty of different options available. You should go for the one that suits your budget the best or simply for the cruise that will enable you to see some places you’ve never seen before (perhaps Bahamas or beautiful shores of Australia).

And while we’re at Aussie realm, you can find special offers for accommodation there and enjoy a little snow – in the summertime!

4. Tourist in Your Own Town

You think it’s impossible to be a tourist in your own town? Think again!

Finding affordable accommodation near you has become very popular lately. People are oftentimes not aware of all the perks and attractions there are to see and to experience in the close vicinity of their residence.

Google search all the tourist attractions worth visiting and things worth experiencing in your area, rent a house and change your life scenery for just a few days. It’ll do good both to your family and to your budget, as you don’t need to go for something fancy and pricey. Simple accommodation will do it.

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