4 Places To Get It On – But Don’t Get caught!

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4 Places To Get It On – But Don’t Get caught!

Spice your sex life up with some risky sex. Just don’t get caught!

Risky sex is not for everyone. You could get into some serious troubles if you’re caught. Depending on your situation, you could be disinherited, arrested, fired from your job or barred from an establishment. However, despite all that list of unpleasantness having sex in risky places is HOT, exciting and daring and can really spice up your sex life.

Here are five risky places to have sex. Word of advice, have a contingency plan, and agree on a plan of escape. It could be a word or improvised act that makes you look innocent.

1. An Isolated Alley

Choose a quiet, less frequented alley and be prepared to run if you get caught.

2. Public State Libraries

These are popular places for couples who like to sneak a quick nookie. Just remember to stay as far away as possible from the children’s section and be quiet even if it means putting your hand over your partner’s mouth to muffle any squeals of excitement.

3. Hotel swimming pools and hot tubs

The thrill of getting caught gets your adrenaline going with the fact that your blood flow also increases because of the heat. As a result, sex is taken to a whole new level. Don’t get caught you could get kicked out of the hotel and that would put a damper on your sexapade.

4. Office sex

If you get caught doing the dirty at the office it is highly likely you will get canned.There is something very sexy about having it on top of the desk while wearing those business clothes. It’s almost like playing dress-ups and role play.

These are only a few risky places to have sex and with a bit of foresight, good planning and improvisation this could be a lot of fun. There are many more and with a bit of imagination and a sense of adventure your sex life can go from mundane to very exciting. Sharing adventures like these can strengthen your bond as a couple.


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