4 Questions To Ask Before Installing Solar Commercially

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4 Questions To Ask Before Installing Solar Commercially

Solar energy is a reliable source of renewable energy that naturally absorbs the heat, and generates electricity. Usually, the solar panels are standard for residential use. The commercial sectors would also benefit if they use solar energy in their buildings. The commercial solar installation contributes a lot to the reduction of a country’s carbon emissions. Solar energy is a plentiful and reliable energy source and is also the cleanest type of energy; as it is pollution-free. Before you purchase it for your office complex, consider the questions below – 4 questions to ask before installing solar commercially. 

1. Does your contractor have the license and sufficient experience to install a solar panel? 

Out of all the solar companies in Australia, choose the one with experienced professionals and licensed to serve you. These professionals use their skills and equipment to install a solar panel at a proper place, where it sufficiently absorbs heat and supplies a good amount of electricity,

A professional solar company consults an installer to fix the panel.

If you hire a particularly unskilled contractor and does not have sufficient experience in serving clients, it might cause a huge problem.

So, to hire the right person for the installation of the solar panel. Surf the internet, research well, interact with your closed ones and find someone who can meet your expectations.

2. Is the solar panel suitable to put up on the rooftop of your office premises?

The office premises vary a lot of structure-wise, shape-wise, and look-wise. Some of the buildings are friendly enough to support solar panels’ installation, but some are not. The roof can be a little broader; the space of installation could be less, the roof would be structured in such a way that it fails to attract sunlight easily.

It is essential to mention the structure of your roof to the contractor that you would be hiring. If your roof is suitable enough to receive photovoltaic panels, only the further installation process would be undertaken. For this, the contractor would inspect your roof, to know if the area is big enough to occupy the photovoltaic panels, receives sufficient lighting or not.

3. What kind of equipment does the contractor use?

The equipment used in the installation by the solar panel experts is different compared to what the inexperienced individuals use.

The use of low-quality or faulty solar power systems is unsafe and not long-lasting. Australia’s weather remains harsh and heated most of the time, and a weak solar system doesn’t support the changing climatic conditions. So, it is better to work with a provider that uses thoroughly-vetted equipment.

The contractor would share the details about the solar panels, which include the details of modules, inverters, batteries and all its other minute technicalities. Also, refer to Australian standards for solar power systems on its energy website.

4. What if the installed systems don’t perform well as expected?

Whether your investment amount is low or high, you want it to be worth it in the end. In terms of dealing with a contractor, agree on the compensation if the system doesn’t generate a sufficient amount of electricity, or doesn’t serve you the expected quality.

Construct the system as per the size and requirement of your roof. If you plan to expand in the future, it should be flexible enough to be implemented, and your contractor should be ready to do that for you.

Thus, these are some of the questions you should be clear about before installing the solar system at your office. So, if you are about to google best solar companies in Australia or best solar installers in Australia, look no further, as Bluesolar.com is here to meet your requirements.


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