4 Reasons Why Vibrators Will Never Replace Men

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4 Reasons Why Vibrators Will Never Replace Men.

One of the greatest fear men have is that they will be rendered obsolete by vibrators. The possibility that there is some truth to this statement is enough to make any living man shiver and shrivel up in their briefs.  Don’t over think this and fear not, a vibrator will never replace you.

Need some convincing?  Here are 4 reasons why you are not going to be replaced any time soon by that monstrosity of a fake phallus. Sex toys move out and in you come fine specimen equipped for pleasure and much more!

  1. Orgasm aren’t everything

Vibrators can every single time deliver a toe-curling orgasm, but that’s it. It can not flirt with a woman, give her compliments, it won’t talk to her,  it knows nothing about the art of dirty taking , it won’t kiss her or hold her. And there won’t most definitely be make-up sex. In addition, vibrators will never understand the female orgasm like a man can. Orgasms are great but it’s all the other stuff that makes sex, SEX.

  1. Vibrators just aren’t that good

Sex toys are great and make for wonderful temporary lovers. After you’ve had one vibrator you realise how much alike they all are. They do not compare to the real, live variety of  men penises. No vibrator is going to match the aesthetic beauty of an actual dick. Just stating the truth.

  1. Don’t fear your girl’s sex toys

Use your knowledge of women’s orgasms to your benefit. Now that you know that not all women orgasm from intercourse alone and that they need manual help use her vibrator to help you. Vibrators are great tools for partner sex. It’s either all up to your tongue and fingers or you could enlist the vibrator’s help. Guys don’t feel threatened by a fake phallus put it to good use instead.

  1. Men can read your facial expressions

Men in general know how to respond to women’s squirming and moans. Men, unlike a vibrator can read women’s facial expressions that mean – ‘don’t stop’ or ‘try something else’.

For these reasons alone, vibrators are and will never be a threat to man. Relax guys and use the vibrator to your advantage whenever convenient.


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