4 Signs That It’s the Best Time to Get Engaged

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4 Signs That It’s the Best Time to Get Engaged

Orchestrating the perfect marriage proposal has become the norm for many modern couples. In part, this is because couples often share this defining moment with their followers and connections on social media. This, in turn, elevates the standards by which many people set their own engagement. It gives couples a wonderful memory of how they made the commitment to grow and spend their future together.

There’s a whole industry dedicated to making engagements an outstanding affair; which makes it much easier to plan your own proposal. But before you present that sapphire engagement ring from Australia, consider first if it is the perfect time to ask the question. Every couple has their own way of doing things. These 4 telling signs may help you decide if you and your partner are ready to make that big commitment. Listed below are 4 signs that it’s the best time to get engaged.

4 Signs That It's the Best Time to Get Engaged- Engagement Ring

1. Confidence in your relationship

You’re confident in yourself and the relationship. One of the tell-tale signs that you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level; is your confidence in yourself and in the relationship that you have. You’re not doubting your self-worth in any way, and you don’t feel like your settling either. Rather, the upcoming proposal is a celebration of your individuality as well as your being together. You also believe that it’s only going to get better for the both of you from here on out. After this, the two of you will be spending a better, more exciting, and more challenging life together.

2. Desire to start a family

You’re eager to start your own family. One thing you and your partner must agree on is that you both want to start a family. This doesn’t necessarily mean having children, you can skip that if it’s not in the cards for you. But you should be willing to stick with each other come hell or high water. If you’re eager to factor in each other’s plans, dreams, and circumstances when making your own; then it’s a good sign that you’re prepared for this big commitment.

3. Talk about deal-breakers

You’ve gone over deal breakers. Deal breakers can be anything from the subtle habits of one person that the other finds annoying; down to possible red flags like communication issues. Couples who are willing to discuss issues and find solutions for them; have a better chance of enjoying a healthier relationship. Before getting engaged, get to know your partner thoroughly. Take note of what you consider to be deal-breakers, and discuss each issue so you can reach a compromise. The ability to change one’s self and reach a common ground with your partner; will be immensely helpful in resolving problems that will challenge you as an engaged couple, and eventually, as a family.

4. Discuss finances

You’ve discussed practical things beforehand, like finances. While proposals are usually set up as a surprise, they are not supposed to be a completely unexpected event. Before asking your partner if they want to be engaged with you. The two of you need to work out a few practical issues beforehand. These include finances, living situations, job stability, and other concerns that can affect your present and future together. Having no qualms about discussing practical concerns with your significant other; is a good sign that your communication game is on point.

4 Signs That It's the Best Time to Get Engaged-Engagement Ring

Some people wait a decade or more before they decide that they’re ready to get engaged. While others make the commitment a month or less into the relationship—and it can work out for them. At the end of the day, the best time to pop the life-changing question and present your partner with an engagement ring depends entirely on the relationship you share with your significant other.

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