4 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Kitchen Splashback

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4 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Kitchen Splashback

There are many things that you need to plan for and a variety of materials you need to choose when you go for a kitchen renovation. However, selecting kitchen splashback panels may look like an easy job. Nonetheless, never ignore how important kitchen splashbacks are to your kitchen decor. The incorrect splashback can look inept and compromise the visual appeal of your new kitchen. There is so much of choice when it comes to splashback, so it gets tough to select the right one for your kitchen. Here are 4 things you need to consider for selecting the right splashback for your kitchen.

1. Splashback Material

When shopping for splashbacks, you have a vast material selection before you that include stone, tiles, stainless steel and glass. Each material comes with its advantages, so you’ll need to take into account visual appeal, colour choices and ease of cleaning to find the perfect material for your kitchen.

2. Countertop Selection

As your splashback will be adjacent to your countertops, you can easily assess your countertops. You can go for a matching countertop or a neutral one; however, this is solely a personal choice.

3. The Perfect Height

The functionality and aesthetics you need in your kitchen will help you to determine splashback height. Inspect the space and see how it’s used and what is above and beneath the installation area. For instance, underneath your cabinets, the height of the splashback panels will be decided by the available space, but what about spaces that don’t have cabinetry. The splashback dealer can assist you if you’re not sure about the right heights for your kitchen splashback.

4. Choice of Colour

You’ll have to match or contrast the colour of your benchtops and cabinets. If you want to keep things neutral, you can choose glass splashbacks, which will add character to your kitchen yet keeping it simple and elegant.

Kitchen Splashback Advantages

  • The main advantage of kitchen splashbacks is that they shield the wall. As you work on your benchtop, as usual, you’re likely to find food splashes on your wall, which can easily stain. To catch oil and grease behind your stove or take water splashes behind your sink, splashbacks are effortless to clean than a wall.
  • Even the most meticulous home cooks have gone through the moment when batter flies off a beat and strikes the splashbacks. Just visualise, if there was no splashback there then you’d be facing a grease stain on your paintwork or wallpaper.
  • Some splashback materials can even defend mould and bacteria formation, lending a more hygienic kitchen.
  • Splashbacks aren’t just a purposeful add-on to your kitchen but they can also boost your kitchen decor.
  • Kitchen splashback panels can unite your cabinetwork and benchtop together with accessories and wall colours of your preference.

Get in Touch with a Reputed Splashback Dealer near You

Do you need help to select the right kitchen splashback panels? Get in touch with a reputed splashback dealer near you, as they will have an array of splashback panels and their cordial team will answer all of your queries and assist you in selecting the right kitchen wall panels’ splashback for your home that will augment the aesthetics of your home decor while lending functionality.


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