4 Types Of Ceramic Porcelain Tiles For Colorful Living Spaces

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4 Types Of Ceramic Porcelain Tiles For Colorful Living Spaces

Simple, modern, fresh, or calm: what style will you choose for your living space? The bright colours, varied and flawless designs of the following 4 tiles are sure to meet your needs, providing you with a colourful living space where you can unleash variations. 4 types of ceramic tiles for colourful living spaces.

Stone look marble tiles – the trend never goes out of style

It can be said that the marble stone pattern has become one of the most popular and durable ceramic tile trends over time. Luxurious and sophisticated, but not drab and boring – that’s what marble tiles bring to your living space. Marble tile design with perfect movement brings the house to life. Your home is a living space and a valuable work of art, combining stunning design and quality tiles.

With the Admin vitrified (India) collection of vitrified tiles, you have a wide range of colours, designs and sizes to suit your home.

Wood brick: enjoy nature at home

Woodgrain tiles inspired by natural wood floors are the perfect choice for nature lovers. True colours, such as natural wood or wood-like brick, helps the home feel warmer and closer. Perhaps this is why many people are drawn to wood textured tiles at first glance.

Although authentic wood patterned bricks also offer you many different options. With a variety of colours, sizes, patterns choosing your tiles no longer worries you. In any room, imitation wood bricks are perfectly suited to your needs.

Coloured bricks: stimulate creativity

Perhaps no tile stimulates the creativity of the owner like-coloured tiles. Immediately after the name “Colored glazed vitrified tiles,” you can imagine a space full of colour and vitality. Various vibrant colours of coloured bricks are sure to brighten up your home, making it more impressive. With coloured tiles you can bring your soul and creativity to your home, giving a very artistic breath to your living space.

Coloured tiles from Porcelanite, Final, or Admin’s brands allow you to express your individuality with tiles in your own home. Fresh colours, youth, excellent quality and a variety of sizes – these tiles are sure to give you pleasure to use.

Antique brick – elegant and elegant

The old style of Cicogres tiles – Cati or Holt Crema de Vives will help your living space become elegant and elegant. This classic design is suitable for European-style luxury homes. The characteristics of Renaissance art, together with the design lines and materials, give the old faux brick a traditional but no less modern beauty.

An exquisite and luxurious antique faux brick is the best choice if you want to enjoy a luxurious life. In each line, high-quality antique bricks can win over even the most demanding buyers.

For premium and highest quality ceramic tile samples, visit Admin vitrified.


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