4 Ways Divorce Can Affect Your Career

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4 Ways Divorce Can Affect Your Career

Divorce happens to be one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. It comes right after the death of a loved one and it can wreak havoc on your work performance. If you’re going through this traumatic period, you should know that nothing will be the same once it’s over. All the meetings with the judge, mediation, consultations with your lawyer, and many other procedures you’ll go through will make you stay absent from work often, distract you frequently, and in general, potentially decrease your work performance. To keep you prepared for what comes next, we’ve assembled a small guide that will fill you in on everything you should expect and potentially try to prevent it from happening so that you can still have a successful career once your divorce is finalized. These are 3 ways divorce can affect your career.

1. You’ll be absent from work frequently

You’ll be absent from work frequently










When you start the process of divorce, you’ll come across various challenges. One of them is trying to juggle your work and all the legal commitments you’ll suddenly have. Hearings, consultations with your attorney, and similar duties will become a part of your daily routine, and the one aspect that will suffer the most is your career. You’ll need to go to the court at the most inconvenient times, and explaining that to your superiors may be difficult. Depending on the company and the executives, you may have no trouble getting a day off work to deal with everything you need. On the other hand, numerous bosses won’t be so considerate and allow you to do your personal issues when you should be doing your job. Finding a balance between the two will be both stressful and exhausting, but you’ll need to find your way to handle it.

2. A decline in productivity

A decline in productivity













According to an Australian report, there’s usually between 50% and 75% decline in work performance due to dealing with legal, financial, and psychological issues related to divorce. Being absent-minded all the time will easily lead to a rise in errors, accidents, and blunders, which can be terrible for the company.

If you happen to be living in the Land Down Under and you’re going through a divorce, hiring professional and committed family lawyers in North Brisbane who will do their best to make the divorce process as easy as possible would be the best move. While you won’t be able to stay away from all the stress and anxiety, you’ll still be able to focus better and not become too distracted by all the legal issues because you’ll have the best lawyers in your corner.

3. Changing a career can happen too

Going from having a spouse to help you with parenting to becoming a single parent can very often affect your work performance. Not being able to support your child and yourself only with your salary can cause a change in your career. You may need to look for a better-paid job that will allow you more flexibility. With one stressful period behind you, the last thing you’ll need is another major shift, but it’s something you need to be prepared for.

4. Do your best to minimize the negative effects

Do your best to minimize the negative effects














Even with everything that’s going on in your life as you got through a divorce, you’ll need to find time to take care of your physical and mental health. That will be imperative if you want to stay on top of everything at work and still have a job to go back to after your divorce has been finalized. Talk to your boss and communicate as often as possible to let them know you don’t plan on losing your job. Practice self-care and find time for yourself when you’ll be able to unwind, de-stress and just recharge.

While a divorce can be a very traumatic and exasperating period in your life, you’ll have to try and prevent it from ruining your career. As long as you have the best family lawyers to guide you through the process and you find time for self-care, you won’t have to worry about the future of your career.

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