5 Beautiful, Timeless Hairstyles That Work for Everyone

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5 Beautiful, Timeless Hairstyles That Work for Everyone

Are you in the mood for a restyle but not sure which way to turn? Opting for a new haircut can feel a little overwhelming or even risky if you’ve been sporting the same hairstyle for a while now.

This isn’t helped by all the talk of different hairstyles suiting or not suiting a person depending on all kinds of variables, like hair type and face shape, plus what is and isn’t in fashion. It can definitely get confusing.

To come to your rescue, here are 5 classically beautiful and universally flattering styles.

Thick hair? Thin Hair? Straight, wavy or curly? Need a low maintenance cut?

None of these is a problem with these 5 styles. Using the right cutting techniques, a hairstyling service can easily make any of these styles work for you.

1.The bob

There’s no doubt about it: the bob is a classic. It’s a simple, fairly short haircut below the ear but not much below the chin either.

The bob has quite a history. Think about the striking short bobs of the 1920s, a statement against expectations of women at the time.

Then there’s the famous 60s style made famous by Vidal Sassoon and Mary Quant, clean-cut and geometric. In the 90s, you might remember Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Friends’ character Rachel Green as having a layered, razor-cut bob or Uma Thurman’s Pulp Fiction character Mia Wallace’s fringed bob.

With these distinctive, iconic haircuts in mind, the bob can feel like a bold choice. However, the reality is that the bob is also a universally flattering cut that is absolutely timeless. It can be as much of a statement as you want it to be.

There are probably hundreds of variations on the bob.

How to wear this cut:

  • Play it a little safer with a medium bob with some choppy layers. Or add some edge to your style by opting for an asymmetric cut or a bold fringe. An inverted bob is a modern take on this classic style.
  • A bob is a great cut for those with thinner hair. Your stylist can easily add body to your hair with the right techniques.
  • The ‘messy’ bob is perfect for hair with some curl or waves. When cut well, this style will fall into place with next to no maintenance at all. Even if your hair is straight, there are ways of working texture into your style with the right products.

You’ve also seen this cut on Cate Blanchett, Kaia Gerber and Rihanna.

2. The lob

The lob has been really popular recently. No wonder, as it is a really easy and flattering style to wear. A lob takes its name from an amalgamation of two words: long bob. As its name suggests, it’s similar to a bob, but it sits longer, around shoulder length or slightly above.

What’s great about a lob is that works so well with all hair textures. If your hair is a little thinner than you’d like, then a blunter lob can give the illusion of it being much thicker and fuller. A blunt lob is a very elegant, statuesque style. Or subtle wispier long layers can add texture and movement, too.

A lob is also long enough that you can pin it all up or just pin pieces for added versatility. It’s a style that can be as high or low maintenance as you like; so perfect for the modern woman.

More variations on this style:

  • Wear it blow-dried, straight and glossy, adding serum for shine.
  • Switch out your parting when you need a change; a lob looks great parted in the centre, at the side, or swept back with no parting at all.
  • Add part braids at the front for a youthful, Grecian look

You’ve seen this cut on Kate Middleton, Nicole Kidman and Emma Stone.

3. Side-swept fringe

Side-sweeping fringes are perfect for anyone who’s always wanted a fringe but been unsure about taking the plunge. They need far less maintenance than straight across bangs and are incredibly flattering, beautifully framing your features.

A side-swept fringe is ideal for ringing the changes, no matter whether your hair is long or bobbed, or anything in between.

How to wear it:

  • Full and softly sweeping across the face is a popular choice.
  • Rihanna’s been spotted with an edgier slicked down, side-swept bangs with her bob.
  • Go for a soft, wispy side fringe like Emma Watson or Katy Perry.

You’ve also seen this cut on Hilary Duff, Taylor Swift and Penelope Cruz.

4. The clavicut

The clavicut is a fraction longer than the lob but doesn’t quite fit the description of long hair. In fact, it gets its name from the clavicle or the collar bone, which is roughly where it sits.

Even more so than the lob, it’s really versatile. You can wear it up or down, straight, wavy or curly. But it doesn’t have the same maintenance commitment of long hair either. It’s the perfect cut for the busy woman who’d like a style that can look neat and professional for the office but low-key and laid back for the weekend.

How to wear it: Any way you want! Straight and sleek, tousled waves or full curls; there’s no right or wrong. For celebrity inspiration, you could check out Selena Gomez’s blunt clavicut or Margot Robbie’s soft waves.

You’ve also seen this cut on Kim Kardashian, Felicity Jones and Reese Witherspoon.

5. Long layers

Long layers have all the Hollywood glamour. This is a sumptuous, beguiling hairstyle that’s attracted admiration for decades.

If you’re already dismissing this style as a no-go for you, then don’t.

Do not worry if you feel that your hair is too thin and brittle or just won’t grow past a certain length. There are ways we can all have this style. Long layers are a great way of adding volume to thinner hair. However, the ideal option may be to use luxury tape-in extensions. These will doubtlessly help you achieve the fuller, longer and thicker hair you’ve always wanted.

How to wear it:

  • With locks like these, show them off by wearing them long and loose.
  • For an occasion, however, or for a smarter look for the working week, you might prefer an elegant up-do like a bun or French twist.
  • Long braids are a fun, playful way of wearing long hair.

You’ve seen this cut on Meghan Markle, Amal Clooney, Beyoncé.

How to choose your next style

If one or more of these 5 beautiful styles has inspired you, the next step is to talk to your stylist.

A professional stylist is the best person to advise you on the best way to make these styles work optimally for your hair type. A good salon will offer a free consultation with a friendly stylist to talk you through making your dream hair come to life.

Featured photo by George Bohunicky on Unsplash
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