5 Benefits Of Learning A Martial Art

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5 Benefits Of Learning A Martial Art

Are you someone who is looking to get into martial arts either for a child or yourself? If so, you’re in for a treat. There are plenty of different benefits you can get from integrating martial arts into your life. Not only do you get physical benefits, but mental benefits, as well. However, it can be difficult to commit yourself to learning something brand new. Below, you’ll read about five different reasons you should stick with your martial arts learning experience.

1. It’s Fun and You’ll Meet Different People

One of the things that should keep you going on your journey is the ability to have fun. Martial arts is not only a fun activity, but it can reward you in other ways. It’s a very social experience.

According to NZ hypnotherapy trainer Luke Mollica, learning new skills with new people is the best way to do it. “At the beginning of the journey, you’re doing it all together and starting at the same point. You grow together and it creates a bond that doesn’t happen in many other areas of life.”

You’ll be putting yourself in a team-oriented environment. You’ll be practising with people from all walks of life. You’ll be able to surround yourself with those looking to better themselves and like-minded individuals. This can help you make new connections with the right people. For kids, entering a new environment like this might be scary. However, by participating, they will be able to learn how to develop their social skills and it can help them feel safe in doing so since it’s a controlled environment. 

2. Learn Self Defense

Another benefit is the ability to learn how to defend yourself in various situations. This is something that can be a rewarding life skill to have. Any professional teacher will be able to prepare you to learn how to effectively defend yourself in a lot of different situations. This can be good for not only yourself but also your children. 

3. Boost Confidence

Another benefit that everyone would be able to get from practising martial arts is the ability to boost their confidence. This is something that can help people of all ages. After all, you’ll be learning a new skill. 

For Newcastle water tanks expert Tony Kounnas, getting into martial arts was the confidence booster he never knew he needed. “When I first got involved, no one knew who I was or what my job was. I was just another person ready to learn, and in a way a bit of a blank canvas. As you grow your ability, your confidence will also grow at the same time.”

With learning new skills comes confidence. Also, you’ll be progressing through different levels. As you continue to challenge yourself and meet new goals that you’ve set, you’ll only become a more confident individual that can impact you in different ways in your life.

4. Good For Your Physical Health

Another good thing that you will get from participating in martial arts is the ability to incorporate a lot of healthy exercise into your lifestyle. Far too few people get enough exercise in their day to day life. You’ll be tasked with a lot of physical challenges that you’ll need to overcome. This will give your body a complete workout every time. This can help you gain strength, muscles, and cardio. This will help you burn fat and lose weight.

5. Increase Focus and Concentration

Another benefit that you’ll get is an improvement in your brain health. Not only will you be challenging yourself mentally, but it can promote better learning skills. 

Cherine Weiland, a Sydney chiropractor, believes that martial arts require high amounts of concentration to properly do the actions required. “You have to control your movements so delicately, and that requires concentration on moving the muscles. Martial arts develop patience and control in doing these, and it is a skill that you can transfer to other facets in your life.”

There have been studies that show that martial arts can produce a physical change in your brain that can promote better memory retention. This is not a very well known benefit of martial arts, but a major one.

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