5 Best Countries For Indian Students To Study And Work

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5 Best Countries For Indian Students To Study And Work

It is one thing to decide to travel abroad to get a quality education and other benefits attached to it; it is another to get the best country. Some of the best countries don’t just offer quality and affordable education. They also provide opportunities for working and earning while studying in the country.

Recognizing and choosing these countries is one of the sources of concern and headache for a lot of Indian students. To provide a solution to this pressing problem; we have curated a list of the best countries that Indian students can go to study and work.

Below are five of the countries recommended for Indian students to study and work away from their home country.

1. United Kingdom

Choosing to go to the United Kingdom comes with a lot of positives.  Through the years, England is known for hosting a lot of international students from different parts of the world. It boasts of a lot of top institutions of learning. These institutions have the reputation of producing world-class graduates.

The Job Market in the United Kingdom is quite extensive, dynamic, and friendly even to international job seekers. This makes the country a perfect place to study and work abroad.

2. Russia

Russia is another country that’s highly recommended for Indian students to study and work. To study MBBS in Russia (or any other course), you can be sure to get quality education, affordable tuition, and a very learning-friendly environment. The job opportunities that are available in Russia, like the United Kingdom, does not segregate international students.

3. Canada

For a very long time now, Canada has stayed as one of the top destinations for international students. The leading reason is the country has put in place a system. One that facilitates skilled and talented individuals to come into the country for learning, working or both. Canada has a lot of world-class institutions and has a lot of jobs for both the locals and international students.

4. Ukraine

We’re choosing Ukraine because there are lots of international students who go to one or another Ukraine University for MBBS, as well as other courses of study. While studying, or after completing education, students can choose to work in the country.

Asides from the quality and affordable education (sometimes free) provided to students in Ukraine. The job opportunities that abound for students – local or international, is quite extensive.  We believe that this country is a perfect destination for Indian students that want to study in a foreign country.

5. Germany

The fifth country that we will recommend for all and any Indian student in Germany. The reason for picking Germany on this list is because the state is very conducive and friendly to students. And the job market doesn’t just favour the native students, but all and sundry. It doesn’t matter whether you are from Germany or not; as long as you are capable, you can always work and study in Germany.

Other recommended countries include Australia, the United States of America, China, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, Ireland, among others.

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