5 Budget-Friendly Beauty Hacks 

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The upkeep of beauty can be extremely expensive but with a few hacks, you can save some money. Here are budget-friendly beauty hacks.

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It’s no secret that one of the first things we notice about other people is their smile. Nothing looks better than glowing Colgate white teeth, but teeth whitening costs a pretty penny. Luckily for us, there are at-home teeth whitening pens that can revamp your smile for under $10! 

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Lash extensions are all the rage at the moment. It’s hard to scroll through Instagram without seeing a gorgeous set of full, soft lashes but with prices in the hundreds, lash extensions can seem like a long way off. Fear not! There are plenty of online retailers that offer quality lash supplies like individual falsies and strong glue that means you can achieve an expensive eye look on a budget!

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Chiselled cheekbones and a snatched jawline are the trademarks of high-fashion models. You may be shocked to find it’s possible for you to achieve them at home for under $10. A Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese tool that is used to stimulate the skin’s dermis layer, relieve tension, promote tissue drainage and improve skin elasticity. Many people who use the Gua Sha report reduced puffiness and more defined cheekbones and jawlines. 

Studies have found that, like exercise, the Gua Sha can help improve microcirculation and blood flow to the face if used consistently” says Central Coast Exercise who specialise in exercise and rehabilitation, “Like anything you should ensure you understand how to use a Gua Sha properly before you use it, try looking at tutorials online from trusted sources and research the risks and benefits before you begin”.

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Arguably nothing makes your hair look better than getting a blowout at the salon. Silky smooth locks that bounce are definitely hair goals that we all strive for. But blowouts are exxy and can even be damaging to our locks. Next time you are dying for a blowout but don’t have the funds try the heatless blowout method with a dressing gown belt.

With freshly washed, 80% dried hair, place the dressing gown belt over your head so the ends hand down past your ears. Then take your fridge and wrap it around the belt before grabbing more pieces of hair in sections and wrapping them into the robe. The bigger the sections the larger your blowout curls will be. Once you have wrapped all your around the robe belt tie it tightly behind your head and wait for your hair to dry (best to leave it overnight). Then take out the robe belt and BOOM heatless, bouncy blowout hair without an empty bank account. 


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Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is an incredible at-home beauty product that can give you spa quality results for under $20. The clay has been taking over Tik Tok with hundreds of people reporting faded acne scars, clear pores, smooth skin and even healthier-feeling hair from using the mask on their skin and locks. 

You can mix the clay powder with either water or apple cider vinegar and apply it to your face or hair for a clarifying mask. If you suffer from dryness you can add some of your favourite natural oil (I like grapeseed) for a more hydrating treatment. 

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