5 Delicious Healthy Snacks when Travelling

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5 Delicious Healthy Snacks when Travelling

It’s not easy eating healthy when you’re travelling and pounds can pile up quite quickly if you’re not careful, even if you’re very active. That’s all thanks to the junk food and sugary drinks we live on while we’re on the road, and though it’s cheaper, it’s definitely not good for your body. Striving to eat well while travelling isn’t necessarily one of the first things you think of when you start packing your bags, but it’s important nonetheless. In case you’re not certain how to eat healthier when you’re away from home, we’ve got five suggestions for healthy snacks that will make your life much easier. Below are 5 Delicious Healthy Snacks when Travelling:

1.   Protein boosts

When you fill up on empty carbs, you might be happy temporarily because you’ve satisfied your cravings, but hunger will come back with the vengeance quite quickly. And unless you’re hiking for the most of your trip, which is highly unlikely, you will need food that will keep you full for longer periods of time, so that you don’t reach for junk food. This is why it’s a good idea to bring with you foods that act as protein boosters – anything from yoghurt to hummus will work. Your imagination is the only limit here and you can mix and match ingredients so that your taste buds are happy. The most important fact to remember is to focus on healthy foods – energy bars, hard-boiled eggs, yoghurt, PB&J sandwiches on whole wheat bread will all work wonderfully, as long as you store them right.

2.   Fruit & Veggies Are Always a Good Idea

When you want something sweet and refreshing, but you don’t want to reach for sweets and soda, fruit is always the right answer. Your favourite piece of fruit is a natural source of sugar that will rev up your metabolism without all the extra calories, not to mention that there won’t be any guilt involved in the process of eating. Fresh veggies are another great idea for a travel snack, as long as you know what doesn’t upset your stomach or make you nauseated. Going for baby carrots and celery sticks is always a good idea, and if you add some peanut butter into the equation, you can’t go wrong. Broccoli and bell pepper sticks are all good options, and as for the fruits whatever comes to mind will do the trick – apples, oranges, strawberries, bananas are all excellent, all you have to do is take your pick.

3.   When It Comes to Treats

Of course, we don’t expect you to survive solely on fruit when you’re travelling, you have to live a little. The good news is that you can still prepare healthy snacks and sweets at home which you can take with you, and they will last for at least a couple of days. Making a few batches of homemade cookies or muffins will allow you to satisfy your sweet tooth on the go with the additional plus of knowing exactly what you’re eating because you made it. This allows you to have complete control over the ingredients that go into your travel sweets, so you can make it all much healthier. When you don’t have the time to bake, grab some dark chocolate, graham crackers or dried fruit (covered in dark chocolate!) and hit the road.

4.   Go Crazy with the Trail Mix

Never underestimate the nut power and how much of a difference it can make in curbing hunger and providing you with the nutrients you need. Incorporating nuts and seeds into your diet is always a good idea, and even more so when you’re constantly on the move and need to replenish your body quickly and constantly. Making your own trail mix is a great thought because you can put whatever you want in it and take it wherever you go. Almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, popcorn, dried fruit, even some M&M’s will go great together, so don’t be afraid to mix it up and experiment.

5.   Drink Right

Sodas, coffee and milkshakes can easily substitute water when we’re travelling and while we don’t mind our poor choices, our metabolism does. Just because you’re on vacation and you’ve decided to let your hair down doesn’t mean you should neglect that basic needs of your body and water is definitely one of them. Always have plenty of water with you and drink up regularly, even before you become too thirsty. Juices and sodas are ok from time to time, but try to go for more natural options with less sugar and more fruit in it. Dehydration can easily happen and can lead to drowsiness, fatigue and sometimes even anxiety, all because you don’t have enough fluids in your body, so remember to stay hydrated at all times.  

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