5 Exercises that will make women better in bed

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5 Exercises that will make women better in bed

The most boring thing a woman can do during sex is not move. It’s even worse if she is totally silent. I’m sure you have heard of the expressions – Dead Fish, Dead Lay and Corpse, and it’s not true that men just want an orifice and nothing else.

Nobody likes a starfish in bed, good sex is only great when a man looks at his girl and she’s actively enjoying herself. She can keep up with the physical intensity of sex.

Men want and need to know that the woman is really into having sex specifically with them. Sex can only be enjoyed when both parties are doing the work together.

Enjoying and being good at sex requires certain muscle toning and exercise that is tailored for sex. Next time you are at the gym or exercising at home, think about the muscles you use during sex. Do you enjoy the cowgirl position? You’ll need to do squats; lunges and bridges exercises to nail this position and rip all its rewards.

Exercise your way to better sex – you’ll be shocked at how much your sex life improves with these simple exercises ladies. Whether you want to improve the quality of your sex life—or just have better luck getting in the mood.

Below are exercises that will make you into a sex goddess and have more intense orgasms.

1.    Endurance exercises.

Endurance exercises aside from increasing endurance; it increases your sex drive, it will give you energy and it helps you get in the mood.

Good sex requires you to be able to go at it till the job is done. Sometimes you get it done in 10 minutes and sometimes it takes 20 minutes or more. Nothing feels better than laying down exhausted after a good romp.

Fortunately there are plenty to choose from: cycling, jogging, brisk walking and swimming. Aim at doing 30 minutes sessions.

2.    The plank

The plank is an excellent core builder, works the upper arms, abdominals, obliques, thighs and buttocks, all the areas that count when you’re having sex ladies.

These are important muscles that help stabilize you when you are on all fours, or any position where the woman is on top, or in transition from one position to another while maintaining close genital contact with your partner.

Do the move:

Lie face down, push up and hold your body off the ground using your toes and forearms for support. Keep your back straight. Hold for 30-60 seconds and do daily.

3.   Squats and Lunges

You already know this move as a terrific leg and butt toner, but did you know that it can also get the blood flowing to the places that may energize your libido? Plus squats and lunges loose your hips making your pelvis more flexible.

Many women need a little physical help with arousal to get blood flowing to the genitalia. Squats are great way to get your blood flowing for some loving. So before you get to bed get squatting.

Do the move:

With your feet spread shoulder-width apart, make sure your heels stay on the floor as you ‘sit’ on an imaginary chair,” she explains. The lower you squat, the more you engage your glutes and reap the benefits. Push off from your heels and hold your abdominals in tightly. Do them slowly, aiming for 15 to 30 reps.

4. Bridge Pose

This exercise helps strengthen the lower back, gluteus muscles and hamstrings.

Want to make missionary position work wonders? Bridge pose is an excellent exercise. It helps enhance a woman’s sexual experience because it increases her strength and endurance in these muscles, which are used to create resistance during a man’s thrusting while she’s in a missionary position, thereby increasing the intensity of the thrust.

Do the move:

Start out lying flat on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Lay your arms to the side of your body, lift your hips up in the air and squeeze your gluteus muscles. Continue to press upward until just your upper back/shoulders, arms and feet are touching the floor. Hold this position for 10 seconds, breathing normally, then slowly lower back down to the floor and relax for a few seconds before repeating again. Aim for three sets of 10 reps each.

Watch how to do bridge properly below:


5. Strong toned arms

Give your arms the strength they need to hold your body weight up when you are in a reverse cowboy position, when you’re on top facing him or when you on your fours. You guy is underneath you and you are going to do the thrusting, you need your strong arms.

Do the move:

There is an array of exercises to get your arms strong, but we’ll stick with using dumbbells, as they are easy and versatile too. You can incorporate dumbbells into your other exercises like squatting. To get those strong toned arms you need a set of 5 kg and later 10kg dumbbells. Start with 10 arm curls building up to 15  and do three sets, as you get stronger increase the amount of  sets.

Below is a video that can be useful for both men and women on how to exercise for sex.

Include these moves into your exercise routine and you will become an insatiable sex goddess. Surprise your guy with your newfound strength, endurance and sexual appetite.



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