5 Foods that will keep you young and looking more attractive!

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5 Foods that will keep you young and looking more attractive!

By now you must have heard about so many wonder diets; the gluten-free craze, the juice diet, to Paleo, low fat to no carbs. Weight loss food fads seems to be the most important factor stressed in all of these diets. Today, we are here to learn about foods that keep you young; such as glowing skin, even complexion, happy and healthy insides.

Great news for veggie lovers and listen up veggie haters: Did you know that eating right can make you more attractive?

Carrots and tomatoes

That’s right, a 2012 study in Scotland found that people who had three servings of fruit and veggie a day, were thought to be more attractive. Researched attribute this to the carotenoids found in fresh produce, responsible fro giving bright pigments like red and yellows to the foods, also improved the rosiness in people’s skin. Carotenoids are found in everything from yams and peaches, to watermelon and spinach.


Eggs are quite good for you and best they are so versatile; you can scramble them, fry them, poach them and boil them, all exceptionally tasty. A study in 2009 found that two antioxidants found in eggs can quadruple your skin’s protection against the sun’s UV rays. Eggs are good for you and your skin.


Foods like edamame and tofu could help iron out those wrinkles. A study in 2007 in Tokyo found middle-aged women who consumed the equivalent of three ounces of soy everyday for 12 weeks saw considerable improvements in not only wrinkles, but also skin firmness.

Coconut oil

There are varied of uses for this oil, hair-product for hair softening and silkening properties and you can cook with it too — claims have been made that it helps with weight loss.

Coconut oil is amazing with healing chronic dry skin. A 2004 study found that coconut oil is superior to mineral oil, a common ingredient in many body creams and lotions used by people with dry, itchy and flaky skin. Dermatologists say coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties, making it an excellent choice for people with skin conditions. In addition, its high lipid content means it keeps moister in and dryness out.

Dark Chocolate

Great news for all dark chocolate lovers, me included. Numerous studies have pointed out that dark chocolate has protective properties when it comes to our heart, some saying that consumption could even protect you from heart attack and stokes.


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