5 Fun Side Hustles to Earn Some Extra Cash

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5 Fun Side Hustles to Earn Some Extra Cash

If you’re in need of some extra income a side hustle can be an awesome way to supplement your income; while enjoying a new hobby. We have selected 5 fun side hustles that you can do on the side to earn some extra cash

5 Fun Side Hustles to Earn Some Extra Cash

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1. Upcycling furniture

Ever see old furniture on the side of the road? See free listings on Facebook marketplace for broken chairs or bulky couches? As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Upcycling furniture has become quite a lucrative business with self-made flippers making upwards of $500 on items they got for free and gave new life. 

This side hustle is awesome because it is super cheap and yields high profits. All you will need is a sander and paint. Interior designer Gary Hamer recommends going to Bunnings and looking at the reject paints section as they often have huge tins of paint for under $10.

Timber specialist Bilal Dundar says timber furniture is a perfect starting point for beginners because it is really easy to upcycle. You can completely refresh old dull pieces with sand and stain to maintain the authenticity of the wood or you can go wild with colour. Olive, umber and egg-shell blue are all trendy colours that can transform a cheap piece of furniture into an expensive-looking statement piece. 

If you want to take your upcycles to the next level try buying a cushioned chair or footstool. This gives you options, you can paint, sand or stain the base and then go a step further by reupholstering it. Upholstery expert Peter Finn says a simple staple gun and some fabric should be all you need to completely update a piece.

5 Fun Side Hustles to Earn Some Extra Cash

Photo by Tranmautritam from Pexels

2. Graphic Design

The opportunities really are endless when it comes to graphic design. With awesome sites like Canva and Fiverr you can really harness the power of your creativity to make yourself some extra cash. 

Design agency Poskitt says there is a huge market for freelance graphic designers as more small businesses turn to online sites like Fiverr.com to get their marketing material. If you have an internet connection and a little bit of creative skill then this is the side hustle for you. 

Try creating some “sample works” using Canva.com and then put together a portfolio. E-commerce store owner and designer Mark Douglas says the more unique your designs the more likely you will attract a customer base. Mark recommends selecting a niche and catering to that style specifically to build up a client base. 

5 Fun Side Hustles to Earn Some Extra Cash

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3. Dog Walking

A job that lets you maintain your fitness goals, play with cute pups and make money all at the same time, that sums up this side hustle. Nutrition expert Vicki Witt suggests walking 30 minutes per day at a minimum to help improve your overall health. 30 minutes is a perfect dog walk time, if you offer your services at $15-20 per 30 minutes and walk 2-3 dogs at a time you could be making $60 while doing a walk you would otherwise do. Integrative Psychotherapist Natlaie Wood says walking can be really good for mental health and mindfulness and combining it with furry friends is a great way to get a smile on your face. 

5 Fun Side Hustles to Earn Some Extra Cash

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4. Create Unique Art to Sell Online:

Another awesome side hustle that can improve your mental health is selling art. Buy some cheap canvas from your local art store, pull out the old paint from the back of your craft cupboard and get to work. Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy specialist Natalie Crabtree says art can be a great way to improve overall holistic wellness and provides many of her clients with therapy, rehabilitation, and healing. 

Even if you are not a professionally trained artist you can definitely still make money. Every day people sell amateur artwork on sites like eBay and Facebook marketplace. Abstract or mixed media artworks are very popular and easy to create. If you’re good with photoshop you could even create digital art which is in high demand on Fiverr.

Decor designer Sam Kalangi says mid-century modern pieces are trending at the moment and should be quite simple to create. Look at websites like Pinterest to gain inspiration and then make your own original piece. 


5 Fun Side Hustles to Earn Some Extra Cash

Photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels

5. Start a YouTube Channel:

We have all seen the incredible success that regular people have achieved on YouTube, so what is stopping you from following in their footsteps? Nowadays you can even create videos completely on your smartphone meaning if you have something to say or show you could be on your way to making money as a YouTuber. 

Think of things you’re good at and then determine if you could teach that skill through video. Sewing, drawing, singing, makeup and interior decorating tutorials all gain traction on YouTube. Think outside the box, even talking about news or opinions can get you a huge following. 

“One of my young students makes quite a decent amount on YouTube, he began busking in public with his YouTube name on a sign and gained a small following,” says music teacher Wendy Brentnall-Wood.

This side hustle may not show returns as fast as the others but with hard work, you can make a lot of money on the site. A great way to start is to research other creators in the niche you are interested in and look at the requirements for Adsense


Good luck and have fun!

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