5 Gold Coast Attractions for a Stunning Vacation

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5 Gold Coast Attractions for a Stunning Vacation

The Gold Coast is certainly one of Australia’s most famous holiday resorts. It stretches along the Southeast Queensland coast, from Coolangatta to Southport. The main touristic point is the Surfers Paradise, an Australian version of Miami Beach. Gold Coast has it all: beautiful sandy beaches for sunbathing and swimming, huge waves ideal for surfing, many natural attractions and national parks to enjoy, plenty of amusement and theme parks, zoos, sanctuaries, aquariums and wildlife parks, many sports and recreation facilities, historical sites and heritage locations, spas and retreats, plenty of tasty restaurants and high-end shops and many, many other exciting things. There is something for everyone on this versatile Aussie coast. It’s hard to choose only a few top attractions when there are so many, but we tried to compile one shortlist to get you started. 

Fun fact about the Gold Coast: if you’re a fan of sun and sunshine, this is a perfect holiday destination for you as the sun shines for more than 300 days a year! Amazing, huh?! Here are 5 Gold Coast attractions for a stunning vacation.

1. Ride the exhilarating waves of the Gold Coast

One particular beach along the Gold Coast is a point of interest for many surfers – The Surfers Paradise. It stretches for three kilometres and it is a perfect beach for all kinds of activities. You can see people laying on the sand and basking in hot sunshine, kids playing in shallow waters and building sandcastles in the soft, white sand and surfers riding the gentle waves. Even if you’re not a pro surfer, Surfers Paradise offers perfect waves to catch in Australia. Who knows, maybe it will even become your new favourite thing! And don’t worry, when you get tired of the sun and you’re in the mood for a cold drink, there are plenty of cafes and restaurants on the beach for you to chill out in. 

Gold Coast surfing

2. Don’t miss out on the local cuisine

Wherever you travel, you simply mustn’t miss out on the local food and drinks. It’s an important part of the whole travel experience. Among the list of things the world’s best chefs would eat and drink in Australia are things such as mango ice cream, straight-from-the-water freshly prepared prawns, quality wine and some cool and tasty cocktails. The Gold Coast is home to plenty of award-winning fine-dining restaurants whose menus are rich in all kinds of delicious food you simply must try. 

3. Try the exciting deep-sea fishing

As far as those of you who enjoy fishing is concerned, you can try some exciting deep-sea fishing on the Gold Coast. There are plenty of options out there. You can book some of the Gold Coast fishing charters and enjoy some time in a, perhaps, new way of fishing. These options vary from half-day morning or afternoon charters to full-day charters – the choice is yours. Regardless of the charter you choose, you are sure to experience something new and exciting. 

Gold Coast fishing

4. Hit the theme parks for an adrenaline boost

The Gold Coast is filled with all kinds of theme parks in which the whole family can enjoy. Australia’s biggest theme park is Dreamworld, where you can experience wild rides, slides, wildlife and entertainment in one place. It is an ideal place to spend time and enjoy with the whole family. You can meet the kids’ favourite characters from popular shows such as Madagascar, Shrek and Kung Fu Panda, you can enjoy a close experience with baby wildlife and explore Australia’s culture, you can even catch sights from the air with the Sky Voyager. There are also water features for the youngest ones and some more adrenaline-fueled water rides for adventurous adults. Another popular option is the Warner Bros. Movie World, which is full of exciting rides, all kinds of attractions and shows and which also gives you a chance to meet some of your favourite characters. Not only that this theme park is home to the tallest, longest and fastest HyperCoaster in the Southern Hemisphere, it is also a place where you can see your favourite Looney Tunes Characters plus the Super Heroes and Super-Villains of the DC Universe, and many other things. 

5. Enjoy the freshness of national parks

When on the Gold Coast, another thing you shouldn’t skip is the national parks. There are quite a few of these. For example, the Lamington National Park is about an hour’s drive from previously mentioned Surfers Paradise and it is a world heritage-listed place. The park is all about the stunning rainforest scenery, plenty of murmuring waterfalls and diverse wildlife, with an abundance of cliffs and gorges. Local wildlife includes over 190 species of birds, red-necked pademelons and long-nosed bandicoots. You can also enjoy a guesthouse and spa in the national park, as well as a delicious meal. It is a popular destination for romantic getaways. And for nature lovers, there’s a special treat of O’Reilly’s Tree Top Walk, a 180-meter series of suspension bridges strung through the rainforest canopy. A truly one of a kind experience!

Gold Coat Lamington

The Gold Coast offers so many interesting things to do, these are just a few to get you started. Whichever you choose, we’re sure that they will be some of the best experiences you’ve ever had. But don’t trust our words – see it for yourself!


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