5 Incredible Reasons To Own A Kayak

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5 Incredible Reasons To Own A Kayak

“Why should I be interested in kayaking?” is a question we love answering the most for any person who may be interested in getting into this sport. Some people are under the impression that since they don’t enjoy fishing, they probably won’t like kayaking. Yet this is totally untrue. Here are 5 fantastic reasons why you should try out kayaking. 5 incredible reasons to own a Kayak.

#1 Kayaking Is A Great Way To Exercise

Kayaking provides a very practical and affordable way to get out in nature; while getting a good workout in the process. Every person is at a different level in terms of physical fitness, yet; even people that want to get more active will instantly experience the active benefits associated with this sport. If you are looking for ways to challenge those core muscles, sculpt those shoulders, or work on those stabilisers; then; kayaking happens to be an exceptional way to achieve all of this and more. 

Nutrition expert Lisa Renn states the major health benefits of kayaking, saying it truly encompasses a full-body workout. “Kayaking may seem like a sedentary type of exercise because you’re often sitting down, but it works your entire upper body. The core is essential to get the correct style of kayaking; while your arms and shoulders are doing the hard yards of paddling along. It’s almost a cathartic experience.”

With this in mind; we also recommend that you focus on staying hydrated when sweating and spending time in the sun. Your body will lose fluids when trying to stay cool; so, make sure you always take along lots of water before participating in any form of exercise or sport. 

5 Incredible Reasons To Own A Kayak

#2 The Scenery While You Kayak Is Stunning

Being outdoors and out of your house; automatically opens your eyes to many landscapes and scenic views that you probably usually only see on a postcard. The water reflects a sunset or sunrise beautifully, and the experience is surreal when you are on a kayak. These times of day are not only breathtaking but also a fantastic time to think about fishing or time to watch the creatures in the water feeding and splashing around. The crisp and cool mornings gradually progress into gentle warm winds and sunshine. There is something truly special when it comes to experiencing all the different weather patterns as the day progresses. 

Jay Flood, a Queensland-based celebrant, says that one of the main reasons he kayaks is simply for the views. “When you’re kayaking, you almost feel more connected to the earth. The perspective you have around you, the places it allows you to go and see, it truly is; incredible. The only other way you could really get the same scenery is with a boat, but even then; it just does not feel the same way at all.”

Kayaking can also take you to isolated and remote spots across different bodies of water. In these secluded places; you will likely discover some of the most stunning and amazing scenery that nature has to offer. The clouds are a welcome sight on hot and sunny days. While the stars and moon are often the brightest; when you leave the pollution and urban sprawl of the town or city that you live in. There are also exclusive smells and sounds of nature to experience. Nothing compares to the early morning dew in your hair and on your skin; hearing the first songbirds and the distinctive smell of the sea. 

#3 Kayak Allows You To Enjoy Enchanting Wildlife

Often we are captivated by the landscape that we come across; however, the creatures and animals that appear during these times often make our adventures even more entertaining. When you go kayaking there are always plenty of opportunities to see many different types of weird and wonderful creatures. 

5 Incredible Reasons To Own A Kayak

#4 Photograph Opportunities While Kayaking Are Truly Endless

When you go kayaking you will notice many moments that you feel compelled to take a photograph. If you are able to take pictures on a digital camera or a smartphone; this may become your next favourite hobby. 

For Luke Mollica, a mental health expert by trade but also an avid photographer, kayaking is the optimal way to take that perfect snap. “Being out on the water means you get a ton of different angles and photo opportunities you wouldn’t get anywhere else. It’s strange how it all works, but there’s an unexplainable beauty of photos taken from a kayak. They always feel more natural as opposed to other photos.”

It is a beautiful combination of enchanting wildlife, outstanding viewpoints and breathtaking scenery; that can make an artist out of anyone. 

#5 Kayaks Provide Unique Features To Match Up To Your Lifestyle

Water Sports activities have grown in popularity for different types of enthusiasts and fitness fanatics.  Kayaks have started to become a lot more common for areas that provide water access. Being able to take your kayak on a trailer or ute is convenient and simple. If you currently cycle and you are craving a cardio workout; there are also models of kayaks that include pedals.

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